The bus is leaving for summer break

We have rocked into the first half of 2011…to a place that allows us to work in 57 cities this fall with hundreds of thousands kids and their never, say never, fitness forward teachers, Principals and faculty!

Now …the bus is dropping off the kids for their last time and it is summer break.
In this house…we definitely take pause and catch our breath.  We spend time with our families, cook a late night b-b-q, catch the Tuesday evenings Farmer’s Market, swim, bike, jog, hike, climb, camp and basically use every opportunity to drop out. We also tend the Project Fit America company “garden” as we plot, plan, water and “grow” our fall semester.

It is a time for us to re-group, catch up, read up and get ready to tell it like it is and take schools to the next level! We are proud that on July 17, 2011 we start of 21st year of changing kids lives…and bring to the table donations to change Physical Education in schools. What we do is not like any other effort in the country. The unique way in which we empower a teacher to reach EVERY child and to allow each and  EVERY child to find their “fitness starting point” is nothing short of magic!

Imagine every kid finding their “inner athlete” finding their “fitness self”….we do that! It is a joy and truth that just keeps repeating itself. There are 1,000’s of ways to get a kid fit…almost all of them, they learn from a PE Teacher.

We take serious our charge to innovate and compete against our biggest competition….electronic entertainment. 8-1/2 hours a day is the average for kids 8 years and up. We gotta create lessons, games, and challenges they CHOSE to do over the electronic medium that is fearless and unedited …Creating fit, smart kids. It is REAL!

So the mantra for the summer for our staff? Walk, run, play, camp, hike, swim, bike, connect with family, stay up late, get up early, do all things that rejuvenate you as the need to get kids fit will never diminish and they need us fresh, rested and ready.

We support walking off deck in order to be a great player. To all our amazing in field staff, home office staff and the countless donors and schools…we can not wait to meet you on the playing field this fall….but for now…take 3 steps back and knock it back a peg.

Good job everyone! — 2 thumbs up to the 1st half of 2011–we are counting  our blessings—- It is a long list and we know that you know, that we know that  you are “on it!”

Happy Summer everyone!

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  1. Pam Liewer says:

    Stacey, I love your blogs. Everything is so simply put! If it weren’t for you guys, many of us PE teachers wouldn’t be able to do the things we do for our students!! Thank you, everyone, especially the in house staff!

  2. Particularly entertaining thank you, I believe your current audience would certainly want more well written articles of this nature keep up the good content.

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