Steve Cox Gymnasium is REAL!

Guest Blog by Ken Chambless-National All Star Teacher of the Year-Welch School-Newnan, GA

I thought I was a good PE teacher prior to meeting Steve Cox. Back in 2004 he visited my school in Newnan, Georgia for a day of Project Fit America in-service training. I thought the day would solely be spent going over safety on our new outdoor equipment. But wow…. Steve came into the gym, immediately took a group of my kids into an indoor lesson called Double Track Cup Stack. I was amazed at how quickly they took to Steve…how quickly they got into the activity..and how much FUN they were having RUNNING their tails off!!! Steve had me hooked IMMEDIATELY! Throughout the day he shared many more lessons and left me wanting even more! He returned a year later to further enhance my program and it has been amazing ever since. My students LOVE PE…they LOVE the PFA lessons…they are getting strong & fit all with smiles and that is what it’s all about folks!

This summer I had the pleasure of visiting the Steve Cox family on his turf in Iowa. It was a collaborative effort by Stacey Cook and PFA trainers to surprise Steve for an early 65th birthday weekend. I will NEVER forget the look on Steve’s face as he arrived in his living room which was filled with family, PFA trainers and staff! He was in shock and for the first time since his conception he could not speak!!!
All of us were treated to a visit to the Steve Cox Gymnasium…where it all began. You could still feel Steve’s presence there. His chart and challenge posters still up on the gym walls. I think I even spotted a few extra pairs of white tube socks in the office! It was a field trip none of us protégés will ever forget.
The weekend concluded with a cookout where we all enjoyed celebrating Steve. Steve and I even had the pleasure of accepting a 2-on-2 basketball challenge from a couple of athletic teens. We of course used our TCC (Teamwork, Cooperation & Communication) skills to dominate and win 5-2. Steve got a little banged up in the process but if you know Steve…he is a tough cookie.
The evening and weekend concluded with a group dance to the “Wobble.” Picture it….Steve….banged up elbow…white tube socks…Jimmy Conner’s shorts..doing the Wobble!! It just doesn’t get any better than that. Life is GOOD!
So here’s to you Steve. A Great teacher. A Great father. A Great husband. A Great mentor to us all. And of course…a Great Friend that we all are very blessed to have in our lives. Keep up the awesome work friend. I hope to see you again real soon….with new socks. 😉

Ken Chambless/National All Star Teacher/PFA In-Field Trainer

Steve Cox Gymnasium

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6 Responses to Steve Cox Gymnasium is REAL!

  1. Steve Cox says:

    The magnitude of my surprise was obvious. The icing was the wonderful combination of family and great PFA trainers, boss and co-workers from all across the nation clebrating with me. Truly, one of the real “Times of My Life’!

  2. Steve Cox says:

    What a surprise. Even when I look at the pics, I still pinch myself and make sure it wasn’t a pleasant dream. The combination of relatives, great PFA trainers, boss and staff was just overwhelming. What a great org. is PFA! Thanks all.

  3. Molly says:

    Kenny Ken! I said it on FB but I’ll say it again. This was a really sweet blog. Almost got me a little teary eyed. Wish I could have been there but your blog really captures the spirit and admiration of Steve Cox. You are also a good writer. Really heartfelt.

  4. Stephanie Elliott says:

    This is a wonderful tribute and acknowledgement to a man, colleague, and friend who has touched so many lives! Ken, this is a beautiful sentiment to Steve.

  5. Leslie True says:

    Better late then never to tribute my Trainer and teacher also! I knew from the moment Steve came to my school that I wanted to follow in this his foot steps as a PFA trainer. During my visit to Iowa and observing “the man” in action, and capturing as much information as I could (remember my big notebook) I wondered how I could possibly give to others as much as Steve gave to me! Thank you Steve for your training and encouragement along the way! I love PFA and training!

  6. Patrick McGough says:

    Steve Cox “aka Mr. Bojangles” played guitar and sang that song to our gym class exactly 40 years ago. Best damn teacher ever! No one whose ever been graced to sit in his class would say any less! Glad to hear you spent a few days down here in Georgia where I ended up. It’s a long walk to school @ Watrous. Thank you Sir!

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