Beyond the Lesson Plan

It is exactly one year ago we entered on to the stage of social networking. No Internet Technology person…just us slugging it out on platforms that are very crowded and fast paced. We started a blog, Twitter , Facebook and a YouTube Channel.

We look back over a year of social networking and ask ourselves…why are PE Teachers not naming it and claiming it? The HUGE silent majority…as the majority of kids see you every day, 5 days a week!

You are the ones who are most likely to inspire a kid to become active fit and healthy for life. You are the ones that allow a kid to “try him or herself out” and find their inner athlete. You are the ones that create activities that go beyond the lesson plan…that help kids to become better citizens to one another. You are the ones that mesh cross-curricular academics so kids can see it is so beyond PE …it is about life. You are the ones parents stop in the parking lot and grocery stores and Friday night football games to rave about their kid’s change in attitude and participation…not just in PE …but for school overall!

You know who you are. We see you and hear you loud and clear…it is way beyond the lesson plan…it is about life. No other subject taught is more powerful or endearing in its long-term outcomes. It is you…the PE teacher who has all this power for good and more. What you teach them are skills they will bring to the their work place of tomorrow.

As we head into the fall launch of 2011 in 52 cities we bring with us our voice to lend to yours. We will say this again…loud and clear…this nation will NEVER solve the obesity epidemic without supporting the PE teachers of America.

It is beyond the lesson plan…it is the “physical education” of the child that changes and empowers a child. It is a child’s true nature to run, be active and play. Let them find it, learn it, feel it and go beyond the lesson plan.

You do this PE Teachers…and we take our charge to support and empower you as our greatest social networking message. Where else is there a place for no child to be left on their behind … in schools?

We will tweet your stories, profile you on Facebook and send our traveling PE cam to your school to upload on our YouTube Channel……we will shout out your stats and remind all the powerful grant giving and federal agencies of a simple fact: If you want kids to get good grades, you do not cut PE… you want to get kids fit…include the PE program in the solution.

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8 Responses to Beyond the Lesson Plan

  1. Leslie True says:

    Many Physical Education teachers do not have others in their building who understand the scope of their subject. PFA Blog- a wonderful way to relate to others in the field and share ideas and concerns.

  2. Stephanie Elliott says:

    Social networking is a saturation of information, some good, some bad. Overwhelming as it may be, it’s nuggets like this which inspire and punctuate the importance of physical movement and education for kids in schools today. As a parent, I agree and am the biggest cheerleader at my children’s school to see PE continue to be funded by our PTO despite it being cut from the district budget. If i have to sell wrapping paper year round and donate money from my own paycheck to the school, it’s that important to have PE as part of the curriculum. As an employee of PFA, I am determined to continue to share our work as a solution to fostering a well rounded child and combating this health crisis that is hindering our kids today one community at a time. High five to all of the PE Teachers around the country who are in the trenches making it happen for kids……you are appreciated and celebrated as MVP’s in our book!

  3. Ron Nichols says:

    HiHo Hi Ho Where did the summer go. The buses will be rolling in soon and it is time to get back to that wonderful life of physically educating the youth of this nation. What a way to spend your life, showing kids that exercising can be fun and is very rewarding. I will never forget the poster I saw once that said the Nobody Ever Drowned in Sweat. Lace up those tennies and let’s get moving. Thanks to PFA for supporting all of us. Your work is never forgotten.

  4. Amanda Martin says:

    Ron- I love that quote! Thx for sharing it-I will repeat that quote for sure! Stacey you are right when you say that PE teachers impact students so far beyond the PE class. I learned a long time ago from my mentor Kim Berg that PE teachers teach the “whole child.” I adopted her philosophy and have learned that we reach kids so far beyond the physical actvities we teach them. We teach them how to get along with others, how to be honest, how to problem solve, how to persevere…wow I could go on and on! PE teachers YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  5. Kim Berg says:

    Ron- I also love that quote….my son’s middle school soccer coach said it all the time and it is the truth! And Amanda taught me as much I did her (she and her husband are the rock star PE married team of the year in my book:). That is the great thing about being a PE teacher…we are flexible, willing to share, and have the most benefiting class offered to children….teaching them life long health and fitness. So to all of the the PE teachers out there….PFA helps us to ROCK ON!!!!!!

  6. Gary Martin says:

    Stephanie, you make good point about PTO! My PTO supports my physical education program 100%!!! This year my pto is assisting me with funds necessary to start a faculty work out program once a week after school! So excited! Not only will my students recieve physical activity during the week, but my faculty will also be able experience the benefits of exercise!!!

  7. Fantastic job here. I actually enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you unquestionably bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see much more of this from you.

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