Standing on the edge of the blacktop.

The game is in full swing. Every one knows the drill, many onlookers mill around. New people enter the game constantly. The people already there jockey for their place. There are 100’s of rule books, even more arm chair referees. There are vendors who want to cash in and set up camp. The special teams line up and bring their own brand of bravado. There are research analysts with their volumes of data and stats. The media has come and creates a swarm of chaotic information. There are mayors, Governors, the White House, celebrities, talk show hosts, Olympic Athletes, colleges and universities, doctors, lawyers. You name it….they are here!

…..and standing alone on the edge of the blacktop is a PE Teacher…..who only needs to see their students every day for 60 minutes a day to seriously make the reason why they are here..go away.  In the hurry to solve the problem and look at problem and research the problem…the person who holds a real key to unlock a child’s real chance to launch into healthy adulthood is lost in the shuffle.   We get it….You can not out run a bad diet…but we never met a doctor who said “Eat right and sit around….you’ll be just fine!”  …and when it comes to kids…whose true nature is to run, be active and play…schools and their PE programs are ground zero for positive lifestyle transitions.

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  1. Stephanie Elliott says:

    Thank you for this heartfelt post! The answer seems so clear….if you want to get kids fit, don’t eliminate PE Teachers and don’t cut PE out of school budgets! Everyone is waiting for a miracle cure or answer to fall from the sky, yet we already have it. PFA gets the memo and knows what needs to be done. We will continue to be in the trenches, on the edge of the blacktop with the PE teachers, shouting in our bullhorns the importance of Physical Education for kids and schools!

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