1st Quarter 2011

First Quarter 2011

“Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”
-Robert Louis Stevenson.

This quote has been front and on center on my bulletin board for years. It is my mantra and daily reminder of what is the purpose of each day in my office. This is the time of year when we contact potential donors in hundreds of cities across America in hopes for being included as a budgeted hopeful for 2012. We never know where we will end up, or where the project will go as it is quite the process to see what cities are fitness forward and ready to truly tackle a proven solution to get kids healthy-Fund and work with schools. This has been our sole charge for what is now 21 years and it is powerful. The most wonderful part of this journey is that we always find those dedicated communities and get to donate programming to so many schools. We then get to go to those cities, meet the teachers, principals, parents and students who working along side their new found Sponsor are taking aim at the serious business of getting kids fit.

Sadly we see too many programs that lack the ability to keep a child challenged and progressing. We hear from teachers on the front line every day and feel the heart beat of their passion and desire to facilitate real change. We collaborate fiercely with those front line teachers to evolve, create and support PE that is beyond anything currently take place in this country.

Children need to be taught how to be active, the lessons need to be fun and challenging so the kids love it and respect what they accomplished. It needs to be progressive so that with individual accomplishment they get to go next level and progress to higher and higher levels of fitness. A teacher needs access to broad based fitness so that there is something for every child, every skill level and every fitness “starting point”. Becoming fit is never finished…it is a journey that starts in childhood and progresses into adulthood. We like to say around here, “Fitness doesn’t lie.” When you got, you got it…and Project Fit America kids have it.

We are on a sole mission to empower teachers and schools because we have seen first hand the 360 degree turn around of kid’s fitness and the power of the addictive nature of movement in a kids’ life. Thousands and thousands of schools get it…. A child that is “physically educated” is a better overall citizen and student.
Give these schools a chance and fund them and they will bring fitness in education and change the life a child forever. As we write this every kid in America is in a school somewhere. They spend more time at school than at home….funding and supporting quality PE in schools is the single greatest step this county can take to create a fitness revolution…. as it is…… and always will be a child’s true nature…. to run, be active and play.

In the next weeks ahead we will be announcing the 2010 All Star Teachers of the Year and you will have the opportunity to “meet” teachers who are examples of the heart and soul of what we know to be true….you CAN get kids fit!

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