Gratitude Roll Call!

2015 rings in Project Fit America’s 25-year anniversary. I look back and marvel at the leap of faith I took when I was 28 years old with no formal education beyond high school and a series of sales jobs that ultimately lead to the epiphany of starting this charity. I knew this was a calling that . . . → Read More: Gratitude Roll Call!

Motivated to Move! A Sponsor’s personal story

Guest Blog by: Laura Bollan/Director, Healthy Communities-Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System, Matoon, IL

Back in February, I took on the role as “Director of Healthy Communities.”  I had so much to learn about our programs:  Healthy Kids, Body Electric and SBL Dental Services.  We are all about health and fitness, and I was neither.  We started “Fit . . . → Read More: Motivated to Move! A Sponsor’s personal story

2013 What a ride! Fargo, Fall, Fire and Ringo Starr

2013 has been a year like none other. It has been a year of unexpected twists and turns that when laid to pen….I can hardly believe the journey.  It reads like a fiction novel…but every word is the truth.

The year started out rough for me personally. I lost my mom unexpectedly in June of 2012 and . . . → Read More: 2013 What a ride! Fargo, Fall, Fire and Ringo Starr

Getting Ready to Rock It!

It is hard to believe we are at mid July.   This time of year we are plotting, planning and preparing for the Fall Launch of new schools and Sponsors and returning to many schools for their 2nd year of in-service and program progression.  It’s like working a huge jigsaw puzzle of cities and states across the . . . → Read More: Getting Ready to Rock It!

Picture This!

Guest Blog by Kim Berg-Alamance Elementary School-Greensboro, NC

Picture this….walking into your child’s third grade teacher’s classroom and seeing nothing on the walls.   No procedures, no rules, no signs of curriculum being taught, and no student work.  Would you want your child to have that teacher?

Then think to yourself PE Teachers… what do parents, administrators . . . → Read More: Picture This!

How I challenge my kids.

-Guest Blog-
Diane Earhart-All Star Physical Education Teacher
South Central Elementary School-Chuckey, TN

The Pride of Wildcats at South Central is blessed to have received the Project Fit America program 13 years ago in 2000. I am in my 40th year of teaching and I love it.  I have added many units and many challenges of which students set . . . → Read More: How I challenge my kids.

The Right People.

“Sometimes the most ordinary things become extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.”

This is a favorite quote of mine, by an author unknown. I think “author unknown” was very wise. This quote embodies what makes Project Fit America the special, dynamic organization we have become over the past twenty-two years. . . . → Read More: The Right People.

If these gymnasium walls could talk.

Guest Blog by Adrian Dodson-Physical Education Teacher/All Star Teacher of the Year-Pass Road Elementary School-Gulfport, MS

“It definitely needs something” I said to myself, while surveying the dull white walls inside the antiquated gym.  The gym where I’d spend eight hours a day teaching elementary students the most important class of their lives, physical education.  Neither a . . . → Read More: If these gymnasium walls could talk.

My students are still talking about this!

Guest Blog: Leanne Jack-All Star Teacher of the Year East Pike Elementary School-Indiana, PA

I know now how blessed I have been in my teaching career because PFA’s Master Teacher, Mr. Cox, has been to my school THREE times. In October, Project Fit America chose East Pike Elementary School in Indiana, PA to host an Advanced Project . . . → Read More: My students are still talking about this!

Taking a step back to reflect.

Guest Blog by Scott Bauer
Elementary Physical Education
Project Fit America All Star Teacher 2008
Homer-Center Elementary School-Indiana, PA

As Thanksgiving approaches, we should all pause and think about what we are grateful for in our lives. Sometimes the pace of life gets too fast and we forget to appreciate everything that we have in front of us. . . . → Read More: Taking a step back to reflect.