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Fitness Ambassadors

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Abel Gonzalez   •  Bootie Cothran   •  Dorian Cedars   •  Chris Boehm the “Ginga Ninja


Abel GonzalezAbel Gonzalez

“Health. Family. Hope. What are these but the cornerstones of a life well lived? American Ninja Warrior Abel Gonzalez has battled for the better part of two decades to achieve what so many of us have the good fortune to take for granted. A Chicago native, Abel relocated to the Rio Grande Valley in deep south Texas as a child, his family torn asunder by divorce. By the age of 20, he had custody of his two youngest brothers and a burgeoning football career. (Family? Check.) Abel got his family—but then he lost his health. As Abel’s fans know well, he was diagnosed at 23 with rheumatoid arthritis and told he would be in a wheelchair by 30. Never one to forfeit a battle, especially one that would determine the course of his life, Abel fought back. He transformed his fitness regime, incorporating sports as varied as gymnastics, rock climbing, parkour, and yoga. He altered his diet, eliminating dairy, gluten, and processed foods shown to cause allergic reactions. When he reached 30, he was not only standing on his own two feet but running, jumping, twisting, and climbing on them too. (Health? Check.)

Today, Abel is a nine-time American Ninja Warrior veteran, one of less than 20 in the entire 9 years of competition to make it to Stage 3 in the Las Vegas-based finals of the popular NBC show. He recently is only one of 5 in the entire country to receive PRO status in the new sport! He can power up a 17-foot Warped Wall, use his fingertips to traverse the two-inch-wide Ultimate Cliffhanger, and achieve countless other feats that would make most accomplished athletes quake in their Nikes.

However, Abel’s biggest fans, his friends, and his family love him not because he can complete the Double Salmon Ladder but because of his unwavering hope and faith in himself and in those around him. Drop into his ninja gym, AXIOS Warrior Academy, and see him encourage a six-year-old who is afraid to climb to the top of the rock wall. Watch as he demonstrates proper technique on the trampoline for a 50-year-old in his adult class, cheering as she finally makes the landing. Listen to him speak to hundreds of local schoolchildren as Project Fit America’s newly appointed South Texas Fitness Ambassador, encouraging them to stay fit and healthy in order to combat the obesity-related diseases that plague the Rio Grande Valley. Hear him speak to his followers on social media, humbly thanking them for their support on this, his biggest journey of all—to transform the quality of life in his adopted hometown. Health, family, and most of all, hope? Check, check, and check. #WeAreAllAbel indeed."



Bootie CochranBootie Cothran

I was born (in 1968) and raised in Greenville, SC, the youngest of 4 brothers. I think being the youngest helped shape me by forcing me to learn to put up with a lot from my brothers, while also teaching me about patience.

The nickname “Bootie” evolved when I was a baby. My real name is “Scott”, but my parents would call me “Scotty”, which turned into “Scotty-Boo”, then to “Bootsie” and then “Bootie”, which was the one that stuck! I get some funny looks sometimes, but it’s who I’ve been, pretty much all my life. Many of my friends don’t even know my real name.

I grew up playing outdoors, doing things like climbing trees and swinging on vines in the woods, and I’ve stayed active all of my life, which is a big part of why I’m able to still do all these physical things at my age.

I’ve been small my entire life, and have gotten accustomed to being underestimated because of my size. It pushes me to do my best. And it’s nice to be small when you’re hanging by your fingers!

I’ve always been athletic, but I never played high school or college sports. When I saw American Ninja Warrior for the first time I was glued to the screen. It was the sport I never had when I was growing up, and luckily I was still in good enough shape to give it a good shot. I applied for season 5 and got a callback, and I competed in Miami. I fell on the 4th obstacle, transferring from a pipe-slider to a cargo net. I missed out on season 6, but competed in seasons 7, 8, and 9. This year was the first time I made it to the City Finals round.

I have always loved challenging myself and teaching myself new things. I’ve taught myself how to work with computers, software, audio, video, guitar, and various other skills.



Dorian CedarsDorian Cedars

Dorian has a vast background in all types of athletics and activities. He played competitive soccer for 18 years along with baseball, wakeboarding and gymnastics.  After winning his high school state championship in wrestling he went on to wrestle at a Division 1 College on the East Coast.

Realizing he missed his hometown, he transferred back to the University of Colorado and took up cheerleading.  Since that moment he has gone on to win multiple national championships as a competitor, coach and choreographer.

Dorian is also a certified personal trainer and stays active on the television show American Ninja Warrior on NBC.   He is a 3x finalist!   He also does stunts for various films and television shows.

During his athletic career Dorian has had a ruptured biceps tendon reattached, a completely torn rotator cuff reattached and several other injuries.   All of which have led him to better understand the inner an outer workings of the human body…and all it’s potential!

As a high school wrestling coach and All-Star cheerleading coach he constantly pushes his students to reach their full athletic potential.  Leading an active lifestyle and fully developing your body’s athletic potential are mantras that Dorian uses daily to help kids flourish and gain self-esteem that can help them throughout life.

Dorian is so very excited to be a spokesperson and ambassador for Project Fit America.  He hopes his continued success throughout the American Ninja Warrior season will continually raise awareness for health and fitness to positively motivate kids of all ages to get active and stay active!

Dorian's Media Gallery from Season 8!



Ginja Ninja

Chris Boehm the “Ginga Ninja”

"My name is Chris Boehm, aka the Ginganinja and I am a 29year-old energy engineer who lives just outside Nashville, TN, with my wife, two dogs and a cat. I started training for ninja warrior in October of 2013 when I found the Team Nash ninja warrior Facebook page. I went out there, and to my surprise, I completed five or six obstacles that night! It took me five tries to get up the warped wall, and from there, I was hooked. I built some ledges in my garage and began completely changing my workouts. 

I've always been athletic, playing sports growing up, but as an adult with a full-time job, I needed more than the weights gym or club league sports could offer. Finding hot yoga in 2011 was a good step in the right direction. It was something difficult, different and fun. In 2013, ANW season 5, the show began exploding, and I knew there had to be others around who had at least built a salmon ladder. Little did I know I was 45 minutes away from the largest backyard course in the country (at the time).

I didn't get chosen for ANW 6, but I tested the course that year in St. Louis. This was a great experience for me and was the beginning of my athletic adjustment to training specifically for ANW all the time. Every workout I do now helps prepare me for the ninja course. I quit my membership at the boring weight lifting gym, and since then have appeared on American Ninja Warrior twice, making it to the Las Vegas finals once, almost completing Stage 1. I am also co-owner of an obstacle fitness gym called Adventure Fitness Nashville where we spread our love of functional fitness to kids and adults alike."


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