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Dorian Cedars

June 2015

Meet Dorian Cedars
American Ninja Warrior on NBC
A 3X finalist now official
Ambassador for
Project Fit America!

Dorian champions our mission to help get kids active, fit and healthy and hopes that his continued success throughout the American Ninja Warrior season will continually raise awareness for health and fitness, and positively motivate kids of all ages!

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Ninja Nation Project Fit America Curriculum
August 2016
Season 8 - American Ninja Warriors
June 11, 2016


Hills Chapel School
American Ninja Warrior Dorian Cedars
Ninja Nation Field Day shout out!

Dorian Cedars at Houston

Dorian Cedarslights






About Dorian Cedars

Dorian has a vast background in all types of athletics and activities. He played competitive soccer for 18 years along with baseball, wakeboarding and gymnastics.  After winning his high school state championship in wrestling he went on to wrestle at a Division 1 College on the East Coast.

Realizing he missed his hometown, he transferred back to the University of Colorado and took up cheerleading.  Since that moment he has gone on to win multiple national championships as a competitor, coach and choreographer.

Dorian is also a certified personal trainer and stays active as one of the world’s top competitors on the television show American Ninja Warrior on NBC.   He is a 3x finalist and perennial fan favorite!   He also does stunts for various films and television shows.

During his athletic career Dorian has had a ruptured biceps tendon reattached, a completely torn rotator cuff reattached and several other injuries.   All of which have led him to better understand the inner an outer workings of the human body…and all it’s potential!

As a high school wrestling coach and All-Star cheerleading coach he constantly pushes his students to reach their full athletic potential.  Leading an active lifestyle and fully developing your body’s athletic potential are mantras that Dorian uses daily to help kids flourish and gain self-esteem that can help them throughout life.

Dorian is so very excited to be a spokesperson and ambassador for Project Fit America.  He hopes his continued success throughout the American Ninja Warrior season will continually raise awareness for health and fitness to positively motivate kids of all ages to get active and stay active!

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