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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Karen Nagel Bagby

Dwight Lane

Weber City Elementary School
Weber City, VA

Dwight has been teaching for 30 years and has been at Weber City Elementary School for 14 years and received a PFA grant in 2002. As he states, "I have lived my career by knowing kids just want to have fun. As adults, we sometime get caught up in the fact that we need the latest gadget to do a good job. When I began my career, we only had four walls and a whistle. Today we are inundated with the latest technologies to increase our student’s skills." The theme he has developed for his students is " Kids just want to have fun." Keeping it simple and real for the students he focuses on cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, speed, flexibility, team skills, and social skills. His commitment and rapport with his students is exemplary. His nomination brought letters from the school teachers, city park and recreation, associate Pastor, and his principal. Dwight sees the big picture, and has carved out a meaningful role to help young people reach for their personal best. It is this passion that brings the Teacher of the Year award to his doorstep!

Dwight's Activities, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Philosophy

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