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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Kathie Immerman

Kathie Immerman

Mount Prospect School
Basking Ridge, NJ

Kathie has been teaching in the Bernards Township District for 16 years, working at Mount Prospect School in Basking Ridge, NJ for six of those years. She received a PFA grant in 2002. Kathie brings fitness and skill development "home" to each student in her school. It is not unusual for her to give up her lunches and preparation time to work with selected students that she and classroom teachers know have a lack of self-esteem. Her principal writes to us, "Mrs. Immerman finds the time to train these students to work with the kindergarten children in a six-week program. Teachers and parents have noted a transformation in many of these students, who now appear more confident around their peers and in their work." She is considered a Master Teacher and has exemplary leadership within her schools and district. Developing school wide character assemblies and activities is but just one her new endeavors to reach her personal goal of incorporating a variety of activities that will broaden her students' exposure and encourage them to develop a life long love of active participation. The expertise of program development, coupled with her leadership and nurturing care is what sends Kathie to the head of the class and a natural choice for Teacher of the Year.

Kathie's Activities, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Philosophy

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All Star Update

2010 Update

Kathie Immerman, All Star Teacher 2004

Life has continued to become enlightening, inspiring and rewarding since becoming an All-star teacher in 2004. Through the many quest that I have embarked upon, I have continued to learn a great deal about myself and my mission of health and wellness for all those I come in contact with. This has taken me from the classroom, into the community and beyond. I have enjoyed every minute of my journey and would like to share some of my experiences.

I could never have imagined the impact that Project Fit would have on a lone Physical Education teacher from the state of New Jersey. From the beginning there was a sense of true dedication for the well being of each child in America, as well as, an unbelievable support system, that even today, continues to evolve and develop. In becoming a Project Fit Trainer and joining the PFA Team, I soon realized what a wonderful group of individuals I would come to know. Each time we have been fortunate enough to meet to share ideas, collaborate, and work together; there has been a sense of cultivating a family that continues to grow. They have inspired me with their endless energy, expertise, dedication, creativity and caring nature. (They are also very funny and fun to be around too!)They helped build a sense of confidence that I was able to take with me as I visited and trained schools in various states. Each of the PFA schools that I have been fortunate to visit and train has been such a rewarding experience. I have realized that no matter where you go in the US, students and adults are very similar in there desire to learn, practice and grow as individuals. I would love to hear from any of the PFA schools on their experiences or any others individuals that enjoy teaching.

My love for traveling has taken me too various states within our own grand USA. My husband, John and son Michael are true railroad enthusiast and they have talked me into traveling by train to various destinations of fun and adventure each year. Each destination has started in NYC, and some of the states we have ended up in are California (yes more than 60 hours straight, lots of reading), Texas (where we were able to take in a BOWL game), Arizona, Colorado, Montana (climb Big Sky by snowmobile), Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina. There are only 6 more states that I need on my quest to say I have been to every state; Alabama, Louisiana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii. I will accept an invitation to any of these states at any time of the year.

Each summer I revert back to almost being a kid again. I work at a summer camp in New Hampshire, and I’m fortunate my husband and son are able to come along. The great outdoors is a wonderful get away from the busy schedule of the school year. The days are long, but filled with fun and excitement. I am very thankful each day, I look out over the lake as the sun sets, another wonderful day at camp, and I am able to have this view. This will be my 25 summer in New Hampshire and my 33rd year at a summer camp. During the summer it is hard to take the kid out of me.

This year as I began the school year I found out that a good friend had breast cancer. The word cancer is always a hard one to take. She discussed with me her desire to walk in the NYC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I agreed to support her and do the walk too. When I found out the distance (39 miles) and how much time I had to train (not even a month), I wasn’t sure if I could make it. Then it was what I had come to know through Project Fit that inspired me-all is possible, and you can succeed. I knew if I put one foot in front of the other I could and would finish the course. I had been given the confidence through my work as a PFA trainer and my mentor trainers. It was also a great way to see NYC from the streets. As I walked through the streets of NYC on my quest, I became enlightened on how this experience could help promote a continuation of giving back, and also work toward better health and wellness. As the year progress I was able to complete various walks to raise awareness and money for Diabetes, Autism and Developmental Disabilities. I was able to walk over 50 miles this year, which was very rewarding in so many ways. What made most of these walks so special was that I was able to walk with students and friends from my school at each of these events. Next year we hope to establish more of these walks to enlighten others about various causes, inspire others to get involved and benefit from the rewards of health and wellness.

Stay tuned and I will try to update periodically on my various quest as I continue my journey. Enjoy Life! Remember all is possible and you can succeed!