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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Karen Nagel Bagby

John Ault

Lynch-Bustin Elementary School
Athens, PA

John has been a physical education teacher for 33 years and teaches at Lynch-Bustin Elementary School in Athens, PA. John received a PFA grant in 2002. When we returned to his school in the second year for a booster session our PFA Trainer could not believe all the wonderful and creative programming John had implemented. His school had become a virtual "fitness wonderland." His driving goal is to make being active fun the kids. He believes they need to be taught to encourage each other and to always put their best effort forward. His personal motto, "When students line up to return to class, there should be smiles on everyone's sweaty face and high fives given by all. When someone asks, 'Who won?' the class will automatically read aloud a huge sign above the door - IF YOU HAD FUN YOU WON!" We are in awe of John and so proud to honor his outstanding efforts with this Teacher of the Year award.

Charles Schillinger reports on John winning the Teacher of the Year Award. Read the article in the Daily and Sunday Review of Towanda, PA.

John's Activities, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Philosophy

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