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2003 All Star Teachers
Leslie True

Leslie True

Physical Education Specialist
North Thurston Public Schools
Lydia Hawk Elementary
Olympia, WA

Leslie True has over twenty years of teaching as a Physical Education Specialist. She has taught at Lydia Hawk Elementary Schools since 1989 and received a PFA grant in 1998. Leslie is one of the original pioneer teachers of our program in field. She was the first school to take the original programming and ideas of our first All Star Teacher and now PFA In-Field Supervisor, Steve Cox, and demonstrate how well they could be duplicated in different school settings. She showed us through her programming that these newly developed challenges and techniques of the Project Fit America program can blend and augment into the finest of physical education programming. She modeled all that she was trained by PFA and then took the ideas and made them her own. Pulling in parent volunteers starting and maintaining excellent noon-time fitness club activities that remain valid and in place to this day, some six years later.

Her own innovation and grass roots efforts to create programming at her school earned her the role of becoming an In-Field Trainer with Project Fit America. She has a giant 3-ring binder of wonderful messages, games and challenges she has created and has adapted to doing “PFA Style” and has gone all over the country with us. She is fire cracker of ideas, energy and commitment and brings the maturity of her years of teaching to help the next generation of PFA teachers just getting our program started. Leslie is an All –Star Teacher’s, All Star Teacher!

Leslie's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy

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All Star Update

2010 Update

Leslie True, All Star Teacher 2003

My The opportunity to become a trainer for Project Fit America came at a good time in my life. After teaching 20 years of elementary physical education I was looking for a way to meet others in my field and share teaching strategies, activities and fitness ideas. With my children grown and following their own paths, I had time to try something new. PFA has fulfilled my wishes to share, teach and travel.

Being physically active has always been a part of my life. I enjoy swimming, kayaking, hiking, gardening, bike riding and yoga. Recently I have completed training for level 1 and children’s yoga through Yoga Fit and have been incorporating yoga into my curriculum as well as leading yoga for the teachers at my school.

This year I decided to re-introduce a perceptual motor program with our kindergarteners. Through the use of various centers the children have made growth in balance, gross motor development. It has been a joy to work with them and it will be wonderful to have first graders next year with some basic skills.

I am involved in many activities at my school. Once a week another teacher and I have an open library night for families. Guests are invited or we plan programs. This year the favorite activities have been yo yo, cupbuilding, open gym, tea party, balloon man, guest from animal services and baking cookies. Our students made hawk costumes and participated in a local parade on Earth Day called the procession of the species. Everyone in the parade made their costumes which represented the elements. Hawk Idol, a talent show, Jump for Heart, HAPPEN a celebration of the arts and physical education plus fund raiser, fun runs, track practice and a track meet, AM running club 3 times a week, field day, PTA functions, and sometimes helping out with our after school club house keep me very busy.
Getting away from school, I enjoy kayaking with friends is a way to relax and enjoy being on the water. Five staff members have little kayaks and when the weather is good we plan outings together. We have kayaked in several local lakes and in Puget Sound.

Hiking season is here (when it stops raining, as I am a fair weather hiker), my husband and friends plan to take hikes in the mountains and along the beaches. Here in the NW there are so many choices for day hiking. Taking photos of the beautiful scenery allows us to relive our adventures.

This past year my husband and I have become Nana and Papa to a god-grandson. We feel so fortunate to have been chosen for this important role in his life. He is a very active almost 4 year old who keeps us busy playing sports, taking trips to the playground, bike riding, cooking and pretending to be a fire or police person.

We have become great fans of women’s roller derby. Our daughter is a member of 2 roller derby teams and we love attending her meets and trying to figure out all the rules and scoring in this great spectator sport!

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