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Lesson Plans, Clubs, Games, and Teaching Philosophy

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Amanda writes: "My physical education class is based upon the North Carolina healthful Living Curriculum for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. I closely follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Physical Education and the NASPE National Standards for Physical Education to insure that my students will leave my class with a wide knowledge base of many skills. Each August, in collaboration with colleagues from other Guilford county Schools, i create my yearly scope and sequence. This give me a set plan for the year and an idea of the goals i will set for my students to achieve before year end as well as myself. I also gives me the chance to collect numerous 'fresh' ideas from other physical educators on lessons that work and different angles on how to approach familiar skills." See below for Sample lessons plans and other activities:


Purpose of Event: To help improve students' cardiorespiratory fitness through continuous activity.
Prerequisites: Students need to know how to safely tag and move around others in general space in a safe manner.
Suggest Grade Level: 1 - 5
Materials Needed: 200 plastic straws, 3-4 medium gator-skin balls; 4-8 poly spots, hoops, or bases; a tub to hold the straws.

Description of Idea: Before class, spread the bases out over the playing area. At the beginning of class, explain to students so they will know they will be playing hard today, and not only will this playing be fun, but it will also help their heart! The object is to see if they can keep moving - either walking or running. Explain the game as follows:

Choose three or four students to start the game as it. They hold the balls and spread out in general space. All other students start at one end of the gym or playing area. At the signal, students run/jog to the opposite end of the area to get a straw (trying not to get tagged), and then walk or jog back to the endline to begin again. Students continue to get straws throughout the game. Students may stop on a base to keep from getting tagged; only one player may be on a base at a time. If a student is tagged by one of the it, that student gives one of their straws to the it, and it gives the tagging implement to the student tagged. The old it then walks or jogs to the endline to begin playing the game.

When the game is over, have students check their pulse to see what their heart rate is. Discuss how continuous activity such as they just played -- even if it has a break once in a while -- is what their heart needs in order to be healthy.

Teaching Suggestions: You may need to set a limit as to how long a student can be on a spot. Taggers are not allowed to guard a base, waiting for a student to move off. remind students of safety when moving, especially toward the end line. If your school has heart rate monitors, use them to show students how much their heart rate has increased due to the activity. You can get a box of 1000 small plastic straws from your school cafeteria for free or next to nothing!

Assessment ideas: If your school has digi-walkers, these can be used to help assess how much students have been moving.

FIRE AND ICEtop of page

Purpose of Event: To engage students in vigorous physical activity
Prerequisites: Students must have already learned the concept of moving to open space and using good eyes.
Suggest Grade Level: 2 - 3
Materials Needed: 2 soft red balls and 3 soft blue balls (4- to 5-inch Gator skin type balls work great); upbeat music; a large open space with boundaries marked

Description of Idea: Explain how the game works as follows:

Three student have blue balls (which represent ice) and two students have red balls (which represent fire). Everyone else is free and can run wherever they want. The game begins when the music is turned on. The ice people try to freeze the free people by tagging them with their blue ball. When a student get tagged by an ice person he/she becomes frozen (standing still with both hands on head).

The fire people (who cannot be tagged by the ice people) try to then free all of their frozen teammates. They do this by handing the fireball to a frozen person. The person receiving the # must say Thank You. If he or she doesn't, they stay frozen and the fire person then goes to free someone else. If the person does say Thank You, they then take the ball and become a new fire person; the person who unfroze him or her becomes a free person. The fireballs keep getting passed on and on, but the ice people stay ice people until you stop the music, which means the game is over.

When the game is over, have students check their pulse to see what their heart rate is. Discuss how continuous activity such as they just played -- even if it has a break once in a while -- is what their heart needs in order to be healthy.

Teaching Suggestions: It is important to make sure that each child has the opportunity to become an ice person.

Assessment ideas: Can students keep on playing without having to sit down and take a rest? If your school has heart monitors, they can be used to help students to see how their heart rate goes up when they are active and be challenged to keep their heart rate at a high level during the class time.

RHYTHM & DANCEtop of pagetennis shoe

Tammy Schilling 7 Gary martin (UNCG)
Kim Berg & Amanda Shoe (Guilford County Schools)
Farrah Forbed (Wake County Schools

Gettin Jiggy With It

Suggested Music: Will Smith's Gettin Jiggy with it

  • Look cool for the intro to the song!
  • Rock 2 steps to the right, 2 steps to the left > 4 sets
  • Raise the roof 2 times to the right, 2 times to the left > 4 sets
  • Drive the car to the right, to the left > 4 sets
  • Batman with right hand, with left hand, both hands, raise the roof 4 counts
  • Repeat and Get Jiggy with It!!

Traintop of page

A dance created by Cheryl Edwards and her students
Suggested Music: C'mon Ride the Train

  • Slide step to the right, pump right hand and say Choo Choo
  • Slide step to the left, pump left hand and say Choo Choo
  • (repeat)
  • 360° to the right, 360° to the left (Repeat)
  • Wash the windows, heels out, toes out, toes in, heels in (Repeat)
  • Grapevine to the right, grapevine to the left (Repeat)
  • Batman right hand, batman left hand
  • Slide step 2 times to the left, kick foot in front, to the side, to the back and feet together.
  • Wait 8 counts and start again!!

Hand Jivetop of page

Suggested music: Space Jam, We Like to Party, Can't Touch this, Outkast's Hey Ya!

  • Pat legs 2 times, clap 2 times
  • Scissor hands 2 times with right hand over left and 2 times with left hand over right
  • Hit fists together 2 times with right fist on top and 2 times with let fist on top
  • Right thumb over right shoulder 2 times, left thumb over left shoulder 2 times (better known as the go go)
  • Right hand struts palm down, 2 times to the right
  • Left hand struts palm down, 2 times to the left
  • Right hand struts palm up, 2 times to the right
  • Left hand struts palm up, 2 times to the left
  • The go go
  • The disco (right pointer crosses and points down, left pointer crosses and points down)
  • Pat legs 2 times, clap 2 times
  • Place right hand on right hip, left hand on left hip
  • Lasso jump twice and shout YEEHA

Repeat either hand jive as many times as you like. Change the speed of the music to challenge students to keep the beat and keep up!!! Make up your own movements and have some fun!

Cotton-Eyed Joetop of page

  • Heel, heel, toe, toe 1-4
  • Heel, heel, toe, toe 5-8
  • Grapevine right 1 clap
  • Grape vine left 1 clap
  • (Repeat)
  • Two-step right left right
  • Two-step left right left
  • (Repeat)
  • Turn and face your partner
  • 2 hand swing your partner
  • right elbow swing your partner
  • Left elbow swing your partner
  • Do-si-do your partner
  • Make a bridge with your partner, other partners go through

Repeat the whole dance and have a knee patting good time!!!

Shrek Dancetop of page

Suggested music: All-star by Smash Mouth

Walk around into open space and find a personal space
Bend, look left, bend, look right, bend, look left, bend, look right
Grapevine to the right and clap, then to the left (Repeat)
360° to the right, 360° to the left (Repeat)

Shake it!!!! on Hey now you're an all-star
Pretend to play a sport on Get your game on, go play!
Shake it!!!! on Hey now you're an all-star
Act like a musician on Get your show on, get paid

Skip to a new spot (change locomotor skill each time through)

Repeat and have a ball!!!!!

Twistin' the Night Awaytop of page

Suggested music: Twistin' the night away by Rod Stewart

Suggested Age Range: Grades 2-5
For K/1 - use counts of each, change can-can to simpler move

Grapevine right, left, right, left
360° turn right, left, right, left
Step together (1/2 time) - 2 right, 2 left (16 counts)
Can-Can dance - 2 right, 2 left, alternating (16 counts)


Twisting on plates (chorus) 8 x 8 counts


Twisting on plates (chorus) 9 x 8

Use plates as drums

Repeat (through Step-together)

Cha Cha Slidetop of page

Choreographer: Unknown

Description: 4 Wall fun Dance (with no step description)
Music: Cha Cha Slide Part 2 Casper

There are different versions of this song, we have chosen this version because it's funky. Note: there is no official step sheet in this dance, just follow what the singer says and have FUN!

Steps described:

Cha Cha This is a Box Step on the spot
Criss Cross Jump both feet out, cross right over left, jump feet out, jump together
Charlie Brown 1 Rock forward on right foot, while kicking left foot back (repeat)
Hop 1 Hop forward on right foot
Hop 2 Hop forward on left foot
Stomp R & L Stomp foot forward, tapping heel to complete the count of 4
Hands on Knees Put right hand on left knee, left hand on right knee, and wobble knees changing hands
Slides Slide to the right and left (try putting in Snake Body rolls)
Move Left/Right left and right grapevines (try Rolling Grapevines)
Take it back Walk back for 4 counts (try Mashed Potato steps or Rolling Grapevine Back)
Reverse Do the steps in reverse

To end dance: About one minute from the end of the track the singer will stop telling you what to do, either fade out at this point or just go wild and do what you feel!

Everybody DANCEtop of page

Music: The Backstreet Boys' Everybody


Step forward on right foot, turn to left 180°
Step on right foot, turn back to starting position
Jump and jump
Slide to the right
Jump and jump
Slide to the left
Scissor hands and step with foot (right side, left side, right side, left side)
Kick butt - 4 counts (also known as butt kicks)right, left, right, left
Shake from side to side with palms down to floor or in a muscle flex--right, left, right, left - 4 counts
4 counts in a clockwise circle - just like a clock (12, 3, 6, 9)

Create your own dance using the steps you have learned during the dance unittop of page

Suggested music: Ludacris' Roll Out or any other popular song the students will really get into!

Students will be divided into five separate groups at random. Each student will be asked to select a card from the stack. (Each card has a dance step written on it that the students have learned during the dance unit.) The student must then be able to identify the name of the step and perform to the group the actual step. Once all group members have demonstrated their selected dance step, all steps of the group must be put together as a whole new dance. The students can put the dance steps in any order that they choose. Students will have the opportunity to practice their new dance to the music and at the end of the class will perform their dance to the entire class to the music by memory. The teacher will have the dance cards in hand to see if all steps are included.

Science Experiment P. E. Styletop of page

Grade: 3-5
Lesson Objective:
To incorporate the knowledge the students have learned from the recent Science Fair and reinforce learning while being physically active. Students will also get the chance to work together as a class towards a common goal.

Equipment Set Up

Lesson: Students will come into the gym and perform their routine of four laps around the red square. They will then have a seat on the floor and wait for directions. Students will be told that we will be doing a science experiment today during P.E. class, except it will be a science experiment P.E. Style. The purpose of our experiment is to find out "Which object will our class be able to score more points with today?" Students will get a bean bag, a beach ball, and a hockey puck. Once students have taken a guess and our hypothesis is recorded, I will get ready to record all data while students get in two separate lines. The students will start from a starting line and go down (two lines at a time), pick up a tennis racket, and try to score with the first object by getting it into the laundry basket. If they miss it or make it, they retrieve it and place it back in the original spot. They run back, high five the next person in line and get in the back of the opposite line. Students will get as many turns in both lines as time permits. At the end of class, students will find out the results of our experiment by hearing the data read aloud and will then be able to see if our hypothesis was correct.

Beyond Physical Education Programmingtop of page

Listed below you will find what I consider going "Beyond Physical Education Programming." These are activities and programs that I am affiliated with outside the Physical Education class that go beyond the physical education teacher job description:

  • Jump Rope Club Advisor - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Field Day Coordinator - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Elk's Lodge Hoop Shoot Challenge Coordinator - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Student Council Advisor - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Goodwill Fill the Truck Coordinator - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Chair of Physical Education Committee - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Leadership Team Committee - 2003, 2004
  • American Diabetes School Walk - 2003
  • PTA Program Presenter - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Achievement Night Presenter - 2003
  • School Health Fair Presenter - 2003
  • NCAAHPERD Convention Presenter - 2003
  • AAHPERD Convention Presider and Presenter - 2004
  • UNCG Clinical Faculty - 2003, 2004

Amanda Shoe’s Teaching Philosophiestop of page

I believe I am a hard worker, a dedicated teacher, and most importantly a positive role model for others to follow. I believe in giving children every opportunity to excel in life and to be fair, firm and consistent in the process. Being fair, firm but consistent may sound like a difficult task, but it one I do not take lightly. As an educator it is my philosophy that each individual should be treated equally and that each individual should be given the same opportunity as the next. My students understand this and have come to respect that when they come into my classroom. Because we are all on the same “playing field” and in the same “position,” my students are ready and eager to achieve. They know that I have faith in them to be successful and that I will do what ever it takes to help them reach their goals.

The Project Fit America Program has taken my teaching to the next level. I have taken ideas that were shared during the training sessions and ran with it. I went from semi-dull gym walls to a gym overflowing with wall charts, motivational posters, and student accomplishments. I have even started trickling things out into the hallway so that the students, parents, and co-workers have knowledge of what is going on in Physical Education classes with out ever stepping foot inside the gym. The Project Fit America equipment has given our school the opportunity to come together and encourages healthy active lifestyles to the broader school community as well.

However I must say that all could not have been possible with out all the support that I have been blessed with. The PFA trainers really gave me a jump-start and lead me into the right path of success. My principal and other faculty members stay behind me 100% and are constantly telling me what an important role I have at Lindley Elementary. My mentor teacher always pushes me to “keep on learning” and to “never forget the impact I will make on the children I come in contact with.” My mentor serves as my yearly planning partner and someone I can count on to roll ideas around with. The PTA at our school always helps by providing volunteers, special incentives for the children who excel in physical education and a mini grant to buy additional fitness awards. They even stop by to say a few kind words or to just be part of the physical education class. This reinforces what I tell the kids each day, “together we can achieve more, but in order to achieve, everyone must do their part.” I strive for my students to “be the best they can be” in my physical education classes and outside of them.


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