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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Karen Lux

Karen Lux

Physical Education Teacher
Jesse Wharton Elementary School
Greensboro, North Carolina

Karen Lux teaches at Jesse Wharton Elementary School in Greensboro, NC and received a PFA grant in 2001. Karen is a fourth year teacher at the school and faces the challenges of only seeing her students once a week. Searching for ways to really make a difference with her students fitness and to bring consistency to their physical activity, she has worked tirelessly to bring a myriad of games, challenges, clubs and hall way promotions to the school. This has enlisted and won the support of the classroom teachers, her principal and the parents of her students. A parent of one of her students’ wrote to us, “She celebrates with her kids, and her enthusiasm is quite contagious. It is this magic quality that my third grade son explains as 'She makes everything fun!' Perhaps my fifth grade daughter said it best when I asked her to describe Ms. Lux. Her reply was simple but on target, 'She Rocks!'" We could not agree more with this astute observation. Karen’s efforts are proof positive that there truly is no obstacle to prevent helping kids reach for their personal best and bring to light the adage quality versus quantity!

Karen's Lesson Plans, Clubs, Associations, and Teaching Philosophy


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