2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Jay Rayborn

Tammy Freeburg

Chandler View Elementary School
Omaha, NE

Tammy is 100% motivation and drive.  She has turned around her students and totally changed physical education at her school.  She is a tireless champion that has gained the support of faculty, students, family and community.   Her principal Gregory Eversoll writes to us “ She communicates well with everyone and has an innate ability to generate enthusiasm, a positive rapport and sense of camaraderie with others working toward a common goal.  Her can-do, positive and calm personality is a healthy influence for our building climate as well.  She is a wonderful role model who has high expectations for student achievement as well as for herself.”  In this diverse school Tammy has found a way to reach every student and help them to learn to how give 100% effort in all that do.  In her class is not about who is the best, it is about who gave it their best. 

Tammy Freeburg's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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