2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Jay Rayborn

Samantha Heidtmann

Roanoke Avenue Elementary School
Riverhead, NY

Samantha’s attitude, drive, passion and determination bring her to the head of the class.  As she says  “I have 400 children, 70 teachable minutes per week and the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life.”  This PE Teacher does not waste a moment to make an impact and is very creative to adapt programming to challenges such as her facilities, scheduling and class size.   Her principal Thomas Payton writes to us “She is a conscientious, energetic and positive PE Teacher!  She is already an all–star Teacher in the Riverhead Central School District.”   Samantha is a marvelous “above and beyond” PE Teacher.  Her positive spirit deserves this spotlight.  She is a true inspiration.


Samantha Heidtmann's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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