2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Jay Rayborn

Melinda Wynn

Corbin Intermediate School
Corbin, KY

This is a first….ever!  Melinda is NOT a PE Teacher she is the Youth Services Assistant Coordinator and does not have an education background.  She asked to be part of a leadership team to implement the PFA program and look out! The school has a nine-week rotation schedule making Melinda’s drive, motivation and passion critical for program impact and sustainability.  She went above and beyond to create an after school club called THE PROJECT FIT AMERICA TEAM that over time this was so incredible the PE classes have been renamed Project Fit America classes.  Her principal Bill Jones shares with us “Melinda has a zest for teaching.  She teaches every day with sense of purpose, passion and fun.  She has the unique ability to reach all of her students.” All the ingredients of program success point directly back to her.  She is an incredible example of how beyond physical education programming can be a huge change agent for kid’s fitness.


Melinda Wynn's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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