2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Jay Rayborn

Liz Benne

Aaron Decker Elementary School
Butler, NJ

Forty years of teaching and inspired 365!  Many of her former students are now parents of students she is teaching. These formers students are also her can’t miss parent volunteers that help her run beyond physical education programming.   Her major obstacle is PE scheduled once a week for 45 minutes.   The creative programming she is running is a true model for many PE teachers who face this challenge also.   Her principal Virginia Scala writes to us “Liz serves as a fitness and health role model to students, staff and the community. During her morning walk/jog over 100 students, parents and staff will walk in the gym.  Liz can be found on any day during recess and lunch period talking to students about healthy eating, working the activity stations or meeting with staff to help provide a fitness activities.  She is an excellent leader and an example for all of New Jersey’s Physical Education Teachers.”  We add Liz is a teacher's teacher and mentor for all. Congratulations Liz, we are so proud to have the opportunity to put a spotlight on you!


Liz Benne's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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