2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Jay Rayborn

Coach Jermaine Monroe

St. Benedict Catholic School
Atchison, KS

Jermaine brings excitement and positive energy that even has his “too cool” 8th grades students catching the “fitness bug!”  Jermaine “inherited” the PFA program and jumped in with both feet to utilize every aspect in this K-8 school.  His principal writes to us “He knows all 200 students by name and makes PE a special time in the daily schedule of these students.  They fondly refer to him as “Coach” and show great respect for him, undoubtedly seeing him as a role model.  As a Catholic School, we emphasize to our students that their bodies are unique and very special gifts from God.  Jermaine models this for his students with his own desire for wellness physically and nutritionally. He is an outstanding young teacher, going above and beyond.”    For Jermaine there is no limit to what he will accomplish and the generations of kids he will impact far beyond the schoolyard.

Jermaine Monroe's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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