2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Jay Rayborn

Jay Rayborn

Columbia Elementary School
Columbia, MS

PFA Trainer, Ken Chambless writes to us “I am incredibly impressed with Jay and his students at Columbia.” We think Jay is a remarkable as he has no gymnasium and the high level of activities he runs in a small cafeteria will have you thinking what we know to be Jay’s truth…No Gym. No Excuse! He models the behaviors that he also teaches his students such as running 4 half marathons. He and his family started the Dash 4 Doc 5k (www.dash4doc.com) 5K.  Around 350 runners and walkers dashed off in the streets of Columbia to remember a man who had given so much.  

His principal Wendy Bracey writes “His ability to connect with the students and teach simple concepts as well as more advanced topics are truly superior.” You can tell within 90 seconds of being on site at this school that his students are enthusiastic and have been taught well by Jay.   They know all the Building Blocks of Fitness including those vital critical and social thinking skills.  They are passionate just like he is and come to school ready to give their maximum effort for all the cool stuff Jay is creating for them.  We are excited to shine the light on Jay and his school.  As you read his story, we have no doubt you will walk away inspired! 

Jay Rayborn's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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