2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Reeni Letizia

Reeni Letizia

Neoga Middle School
Neoga, IL

Reeni is in her 15th year of teaching physical education.  Her program serves as a national example of best practices of a life long learner and PE innovator.   Her personal mission is to help every one of her students find and tap into their full potential.   She holds her students to a very high yardstick and fosters a “Never Give Up” attitude in all she creates. Her physical education philosophies extend to her students outside of class and into life.

 Her principal, Seth James writes to us “Her students are challenged to do their very best.  The expectations for sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play may just as well be written on a 'stone tablet'. ”He goes on to say “Ms. Letizia is a great teacher.” To this we all enthusiastically agree.  She has the energy, commitment and driving spirit that changes the lives of her students and is a pride point for the whole school. 



Reeni Letizia's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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