2012 PFA All Star Teacher
Christine Amond

Christine Amond

Simpsonville Elementary School
Simpsonville, South Carolina

This is THE MOST enthusiastic teacher whose passion is contagious….and all of her students have “fitness fever!”  Her principal Jan James writes to us “She has not only embraced the program with her knowledge, energy and enthusiasm but she has wrapped her heart around it as well.   She jumped right into the deep end from the very beginning.”   Christine has tapped into the heart of and soul of her school, students, fellow teachers and parents.  There are so many extraordinary student stories Christine shares it is hard to believe she is just completing her second year of this program! 

This teacher raises the bar and sets the standard for what it means to be an All Star Teacher.  We are extremely proud to share her story and program with you.  She is PE caffeine and will really “get you going!”



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