2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Pam Stroupe

Pam Stroupe

Hills Chapel School
Booneville, Mississippi

From the minute Pam’s kids step off the school bus they start asking “What are we going to do in PE today?” The kids cannot wait to get to her class! From day one the In-Service Trainer said Pam was going to be the PFA nucleolus and to look for her school to stand out.  It did not take long for this prediction to realize itself. Her testing data shows student improvement in every skill set and some even reaching Gold and KONG Levels!

She has parents who call her a “Fitness Guru” as she has taken the students from “not very energetic in their physical education activities,” to “helping the children get more dynamically involved in staying fit.” This all came about because of her attitude, passion, positive environment, positive reinforcement and her dedication to providing knowledge, skill and opportunity for each kid. Her principal writes to us “Her dedication to Project Fit America has caused a new movement at our school.” We believe Pam is an outstanding example that kids can become fit and that they truly hunger for a real physical education. Fitness is addictive. Fitness does not lie, and her kids are the proof that it you build it, they will come.


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