2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Charlotte Pickle

Charlotte Pickle

Amory Middle School
Amory, Mississippi

Call it a sign of the times, but Coach Pickle created a game called “Break the Bank,” a really fun cup building activity that lets the winner bail the bank out!   She also created Basketball Pacer and has seen her students’ fitness levels indicate tremendous improvement.  She even had a student that hooped for 5 hours, 54 minutes and 58 seconds!  Talk about getting the kids excited…she set a national record!!  Furthermore their testing showed improvements in every skill area with more than 50% improvements just in abdominal strength!  

Her principal wrote to us “She has changed the image of PE to be more about physical activity and less about playing a sport.”   This is music to our ears as we know that kind of broad based fitness is giving kids a real physical education and skills they will draw upon for life.  This is a high quality, progressive PE program that will continue to strengthen, grow and create fit kids!



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