2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Karin Harvison

Karin Harvison

Purvis Lower Elementary School
Purvis, Mississippi

Seven is a lucky number!  That is the number of years Karin has been teaching at Purvis Lower Elementary and where we found her in 2009 just back from maternity leave.  She was one of 64 schools that were awarded a grant from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation.  What we call the Freshman Class of 2009.   The PFA Trainer who worked with her on site wrote to us “I am very excited to see what Karin will do with this program a year from now.  Keep an eye on her.  She is very good.”  She was already using SPARK and felt she needed to get more focus on the individual fitness levels of her kids. She found the PFA lessons blended very nicely.  Well look out everyone!!!  These days she hears a lot of “Coach Harvison, you made us sweaty!”   She has taken our program and made it a model for K-2 schools.  Her creativity is what impressed us and brought this award to her doorstep.  Are you ready for Bean Bag Blitz, Tornado FLAP Challenge, Critter Rescue, Topsy Turvy Cups, Squirrels in the Trees and The Bone Yard? We had so much fun with her submission and her kids…they are getting fit and having a blast.   This is teacher who just keeps progressing to new levels and that we are not done keeping an eye on.



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