2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Laura Dickson

Laura Dickson

O.P. Earle Elementary School
Landrum, South Carolina

Laura Dickson had some really big shoes to fill when she was hired to replace a beloved veteran PE Teacher who had retired.   She knew she wanted to create a whole brand new program that would have her “foot print” and would take the super great kids she inherited to the next level.   Her program has taken the students on a fitness journey that is progressive, innovative, challenging and emotionally rewarding for her students.   Her principal wrote to us “Project Fit America proved to be that “tipping point” curriculum that Laura had been seeking. It was the tool that allowed her to make her PE program unique and worthy of others to replicate.”   When we returned to her school in year two we found a top-notch physical education program in full swing with her students thriving, participating and truly excited to be active, fit and healthy.  Laura’s PE program is a national example that fitness in education works!



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