2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Jean Cuevas

Jean Cuevas

West Hancock Elementary School
Picayune, Mississippi

Post Hurricane Katrina comes a new school and a teacher who makes going to school a joy!  She is the kind of teacher that kids know they do not have to prove that they are better than anyone, they just have to work at improving what they can do.  A teacher who never tires of hearing “Mrs. Jean, I did it!”  Her principal wrote to us “I could compare Jean to any teacher in our district and she will outwork them every time.  Jean has put in countless hours at home, as well as school, to ensure that her students are challenged to the maximum extent.”   The In-Service Trainer who worked with Jean called and told us “I believe a PFA  seed has been planted and it will bear fruit very soon.”  Her walls are alive with student accomplishments and she says discipline problems are practically nonexistent.

This is a teacher that deserves to be highlighted with a big spot light for being a tireless role model and mentor to her kids, fellow teachers, parents and school.   At a time when everyone is searching for answers as to how to get kids fit and reduce childhood obesity they need look no further than Jean’s PE class to see there is a solution and the solution is a whole lot of fun too!


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