2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Brandi Childers Shappley

Brandi Childers Shappley

Senatobia Middle School
Senatobia, Mississippi

We want you to meet a tireless, powerful champion who has found a way for every student to be active.   The sheer variety of lessons and activities she creates all year long assures that every student is successful at something and then progresses to the next level.

The In-Service trainer that worked with her wrote to us “Brandi will implement great stuff and it will take her program to the next level.”   We took a look at her year-end fitness scores and saw fantastic improvements and big changes in her students.  We knew she had created a program that hit pay dirt! She is not afraid to challenge, push, motivate, publicize, network, reach out and create what ever it takes to set her kids on fire with a passion for their personal fitness.  Our staff fell head over heels with her All Star Teacher submission and we cannot wait to share her creative lessons and philosophies.  She is a role model and mentor that proves what we hold as our core belief….kids can become not just smarter as a result of going to school, but healthier too!




Brandi Childers Shappley's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy


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