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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Todd McGee

Todd McGee

Blairsville Elementary School
Blairsville, Pennyslvania

In 2008 Todd and his principal successfully competed and were awarded the Project Fit America program. So we were not surprised when we came back to his school a year later and found a highly motivated, highly qualified, dedicated PE Teacher running all kinds of extra PE activities in addition to A+ PE programs taking place in his regular classes.  His principal writes to us “Mr. McGee is a dynamic physical education teacher.  His enthusiasm runs rampant in all that he does. His passion for teaching is evident when you observe him and in the eyes of his students who truly love his class.” We could not agree more. We found a real partner in Todd who has built a “bridge of fitness” where every student in his school is motivated and challenged to succeed!




Todd McGee's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy


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All Star Update

2011 Update

Todd McGee, All Star Teacher 2009

As we continue to implement PFA in our school’s P.E. curriculum . . .

Since receiving Project Fit America in 2007, I continue to see an increase in our overall upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness.  Our school participates in the Presidential Physical Fitness Evaluation program and every fall and spring of each school year the children’s fitness levels are evaluated and recorded.  Our evaluation sheets continue to show an improvement in our students’ upper body strength by performing more pull-ups we continue to see increased cardiovascular fitness scores through our endurance runs of 1 mile and ½ mile distances.  I believe Project Fit America’s chart and challenge program has increased our student’s motivation and enthusiasm to improve in these areas of health related fitness in and outside of the school setting.

Our students really enjoy many of the fitness-related skill games that are part of the Project Fit America curriculum.  I would have to say that “Capture the Pins” has thus far been the favorite at our school.  But, they also enjoy Covey-Style Kickball/Baseball, Breakout, and Ultimate Football.  I like these games because our students are actively engaged, having fun, and are working on improving their fitness levels.  They enjoy these games because their just plain fun.

To close out our skeletal unit this year I used the “$10 and a Bone” activity idea that is on PFA’s webpage of lesson ideas.  Our students had to perform various tasks as a team, or individually to earn 5 cups and a bone.  Some of the tasks the students worked on were long rope jumping, short rope jumping, pole cat climbing, step-ups, curl-ups, mountain climbers, pull-ups, and basketball lay-up skills.  While our students were working on these health and sport-related skills, they were also reviewing learned bones as they organized their team’s skeleton.

Being an elementary phys. ed. teacher and having classes in a multipurpose facility usually means that you will be displaced from your classroom on a number of occasions throughout the school year.  If the weathers nice this is not a problem, but remember I teach in Pennsylvania where you can be outside fairly frequently 3 months out of the school year.  My students can now be in a small area and with the help of a motivation tool known as PFA fitness cups my students are really enthusiastic about performing various exercises like curl-ups, push-ups, and mountain climbers to earn these cups to build a creative masterpiece.  Kind of like “Fitness and Lego building” all in one activity.