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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Sharon Ryan

Sharon Ryan

Northwest Rankin Elementary
Flowood, Mississippi

Sharon’s school was one of 45 schools in Mississippi that were awarded the Project Fit America program in 2008. Her school had been participating in a program called “Let’s Go Walking Mississippi” and the sponsor, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, wanted to give the Project Fit America program to each of those schools participating to upgrade and reward their fitness forward direction.  Sharon became to us “The Little Engine That Could.”  Truly her school faced some pretty tough obstacles to getting a good PE program off the ground.

She has very limited outdoor space and only an empty classroom for an indoor space, yet she was creating giant, larger than life, PE programming!  Every obstacle she turned into an opportunity. Her adaptations of this program have become a model for many schools in Mississippi who are also facility limited. She is the real deal and reaffirms the old adage . . . good things come in small packages . . .or in this case . . . small facilities!!!



Sharon Ryan's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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