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Teaching Philosophy, Program and Activities

Holly Robinson's Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that every student achieves a “goal” in physical education.  I want all students to work hard and have fun while not realizing this is a lesson being taught just like in their classroom.  I believe that all children are capable of achieving new things and I try to reinforce that to see positive results.

I also believe motivation is a successful tool that is more rewarding not only the students but to me as well.  I find great joy when a child has moved to the next level of PFA.  The confidence that a child is given by completing a certain task makes me so proud of them. 

The responsibility to take care of their body and have an active lifestyle starts at an early age.  I want to give my students the best education in taking care of themselves so they will take care of their bodies forever!




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Programming and Favorite Activities

Since my school became a PFA school, Physical Education classes have become more challenging!  The games and activities are very detailed and follow Mississippi state framework requirements.  I have listed a couple of my favorite activities using PFA indoor and outdoor curriculum.

$10.00 and a Spelling Word

This has been a great addition to my classes!  This activity helps each child by reviewing for their spelling test and getting a great level of exercise too.  I ask their teachers for upcoming lists of spelling words and they use that to build a skeleton or muscles of the body and so forth.  I also incorporate math and use for a map of the 50 states and their capitall cities.  The kids love the variation and their teachers do too!

Equipment: Pieces to build a skeleton, muscles, and map of the 50 states.  The workout stations are to dribble a basketball, jumping jacks, hubba hoops and jump rope.  We start at 10 times each station then switch to 5 times toward the end of class.

Aerobic Bowling

This game is wonderful for those long, cold winter days when the children can’t go outside!  The classes love when they come in to the gym and see the bowling pins and balls set up to play Math Fitness Bowling.  We break into teams and each team is given a set of multiplication tables and we begin.  As you knock down the pins each team member receives those points and then you go to the next set of multiplication tables.  This is another game the children really enjoy and helps them review Math and get their hearts pumping without realizing it! 

Equipment:  Bowling pins, eight rubber bowling balls, eight rubber poly spots and marker cones ---depending on number of students in the class.

Running Kickball

This game is everyone’s favorite!!!!!  My reward system is if you wear proper shoes and clothing three classes in a row that the class votes on a game to play.  This is the game that ALWAYS is chosen.  It is a very competitive game but I have noticed that the children have great attitudes and promote excellent teamwork during this game. 

Equipment:  Eight rubber poly spots, eight cones and one kickball.  The rubber spots create a half circle with 4 cones behind them.  Then four cones are used as “gates” to begin and finish when running in the game. 

Running Kickball layout

0=Rubber spots with a member of the team standing on it.
X=cones or otherwise known as the “gates”

Procedure: Team A kicks first, when the ball is caught then pass it to the BB team member and he will pass it around the B team that are standing on the spots.  If the End of the B team catches it with no one dropping the ball then the A team will have an out.  Once there are three outs then B team will kick.  Great kickball game that has some baseball tendencies and by the end of class the kids are wishing for more P.E. time!!!


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Holly's students

Star Board


Thank you Mississippi Blue Cross Blue Shield for supporting our school!  I have been able to share the progress of the students and personally thank them for the money spent to help our students be healthy.  We appreciate your focus on our children!

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Influences of Project Fit

Holly Robinson's sutdnetsLet me begin by saying that I am such a fan of Project Fit America.  I am truly amazed by the dedication of the idea to create such a beneficial tool to help each student and their physical fitness.  I was introduced to Project Fit in 2006 at a school in Horn Lake, Mississippi.  In Desoto County which is the county I am employed, we had six PFA outdoor testing areas placed.  DeSoto County was the first in Mississippi to receive the equipment and has started such an excellent way to test students and their physical ability.  I transferred to Lewisburg Elementary the fall of 2007, which was the first year of PFA at Lewisburg.  I had the experience of meeting two of the greatest, most informative PFA instructors during that year.  I gained such a tremendous amount of knowledge and excitement for the program!  I have used their information to build a successful program. 

I have taken to heart the “goal” that each student wants to achieve.  The children are at such an advantage by participating in PFA because it is an individual tested achievement.  Some children are naturally more athletic than others.  Each has strengths and weaknesses but they all seem to have a positive outlook on PFA.  It is a confidence builder that is a huge asset for their self esteem!

Another positive to PFA is the outdoor equipment.  This is a great tool not only for my curriculum but for the parents of our students also.  The parents are able to bring the child after school or on the weekend to practice.  This shows the parents what we are doing in P.E. and helps them identify with how to help their child practice to achieve their goals.  That is what I like to see as a P.E. teacher and am glad that I have been able to see that in the five years that I have been teaching. 

I love to see children determined enough to do their very best!

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