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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Katherine Pelle

Katherine Pelle

Foresthill Divide Middle School
Foresthill, California

Wow!   This is a wonderful school that has a terrific top-of-the-line PE Teacher.
The partnership between principal and PE Teacher is exemplary and that support shows when you look at the students and faculty and the programming that she is running. Katherine finds the Project Fit America tools and philosophies completely motivate and reward all of her students from grades K right up to the 8th graders. She and works hard to create activities and challenges that keep all her students asking for more opportunity to improve and develop themselves. She is a third-year teacher who will take her students a long way as she continues to grow and excel in her dynamic PE direction. This PE teacher is on fire there is not a student who walks into her class that does not reach for his or her personal best because of her passion and enthusiasm!!



Katherine Pelle's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy


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