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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Holly Robinson

Holly Robinson

Lewisburg Elementary School
Olive Branch, Mississippi

We met Holly in 2006. She was one of a handful of schools piloting Project Fit America for the state of Mississippi. We met up with her again in 2007 when she transferred to another school that also had been given the Project Fit America to pilot.   Each time we have worked with Holly she has demonstrated wonderful usage of the Project Fit America program and as our field trainer wrote to us….”Holly is a joy to be with.  You can tell as you walk down the hall with her that she has a relationship with everyone in her school.  She is always so positive and helpful and always makes those around her feel like they are “All Stars!”.  She is always eager to learn new activities and shares this passion with her students who can’t wait to get to her PE classes.

It is a teacher like Holly that blazes a trail for other teachers to follow. Since we starting working on this pilot program the project has expanded to over 120 cities in the state. We know from Holly’s work and dedication and passion that she will continue to do great things!!!


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All Star Update

2011 Update

Holly Robinson, All Star Teacher 2009

The school year is off with a BANG! I am enjoying getting to know all of the new students and seeing the previous students as well. I am still at Lewisburg Elementary in Olive Branch, Mississippi. It is HOT and we are ready for cooler temperatures so that we can go outside and use our PFA equipment! The children are very eager to get started on PFA. Some students have told me that they visited the PFA equipment with their family over summer break. That was exactly what I wanted to hear!!! YAY!!! I have been looking at the curriculum and have noticed that Project Fit America has ALWAYS been a great tool in my P.E. class. I use lessons and ideas all the time! I am excited to hear that more schools in Mississippi will be using this in their P.E. classroom. The children love the lessons and still don't realize how hard they are exercising.

As far as my personal life is concerned, I have a 3 year old preschool boy and a 1st grade girl. Both of them are loving school and P.E. is their favorite activity! My husband and I are very busy with homework and school but try to incorporate exercise in our daily routine. I believe if we start showing children the right food choices young, that it will have an impact on them for the rest of their life!

Good luck to all of you this school year!
Holly Robinson
Lewisburg Elementary School