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Cheryl's Teaching Philosophy
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Cheryl Gladwill's Teaching Philosophy

Cheryl at WallMy teaching philosophy is that every student is reachable and teachable, and it is my responsibility to achieve this goal. I believe that physical education is one of the most important subjects taught in school. It is a class that allows the student to develop as an entire person. The opportunity to teach the life skills of social and individual responsibility is tremendous. I believe that the health of a person begins with a mindset of confidence and an “I can do it” attitude. The earlier that we instill this feeling into our students, the healthier our students will be.

I believe in using positive reinforcement in order to get the desired results. Giving rewards and recognition are huge motivators to my students. I acknowledge students’ achievements, no matter how large or small, because it validates them and makes them feel proud of their all of their hard work. When students feel successful and see positive results, they are motivated to continue to be active.

The opportunity to teach kids how to get along with others, be physically fit, and to live an active lifestyle is truly a blessing. Our health is the most important gift that we have. My goal is to teach students to treasure their relationships and their bodies for the rest of their lives!

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Programming and Favorite Activities

Since receiving the PFA Grant, my approach to teaching Physical Education has become more encompassing. The fitness games have taught me to look at how can I use multitasking to maximize student movement and learning. My two favorite games that I have created using the PFA equipment are Ro Sham Bo Fitness and PFA Eggsercise Hunt.

Station Lesson
Ro-Sham-Bo Fitness
By All Star Teacher Cheryl Gladwill

Equipment: PFA stations that are clean and ready to use. Cones to separate playing area and PFA Box.


  • Have students select a partner using TCC.
  • Students go to the coned off playing area.
  • Students play Ro-Sham-Bo game using their feet.
  • Students jump up and down when saying “Ro-Sham-” and choose to play rock, paper, or scissors when they say “Bo.”
    Rock = Land with feet together
    Paper = Land with feet apart in a straddle position
    Scissors = Land with feet split so one is in front and one is in back.
  • Students play until one player wins 2 out of 3 games.
  • Winner RUNS to the PFA stations and works out on 1 station of choice. When finished, student RUNS back to the game and plays the first person they find.
  • Loser quickly moves on to find another person to play.


• Have students workout at least 4 different stations before returning to their favorite station.
• Walk inside the PFA Box and run to the game.
• Use equipment properly. May give students a set number of repetitions or have them work to exhaustion.
• Move quickly to find someone to play after losing a game.
• After a few minutes, ask to see if any student has not won yet, and send them to go to the fitness stations.

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VaultStation Stars has been the most valuable tool I have used for motivating students to increase personal physical fitness. It has also helped me teach my students to better understand how their bodies work and what they need to do in order to make them stronger and healthier. I have Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels established for all of the PFA Outdoor Fitness Stations, the Pacer, and the Sport Hoops. Students can practice at recess, during PE, and outside of the regular school day. On test days, when students achieve a level, I write their name on a star and post it on the bulletin board. The stars are color coded for each level.The students take pride in seeing their names on the wall! I also give out PFA certificates and ribbons to acknowledge their physical accomplishments.

The Mileage Club has really helped improve the cardiovascular fitness of my students. They jog or power walk for the first 10 minutes of PE each day. Some of my classes Marathon Wallalso do this with their teachers and some do it at recess because they love running so much. I keep track of all their miles and give them a foot charm every 5 miles. I also keep track of major mile markers and give out special charms and put up special feet on the wall to mark a ½ marathon, marathon, 50, 75, and 100 miles. There is a special award given out to all students who run more than 100 miles in a school year.

The Smile Mile runs have been a great addition to my program. It has helped my students understand pacing. I call them Smile Runs because I take their pictures at the end of the run if they successfully complete the distance without walking. The distances progress from ¼ mile, ½ mile, ¾ mile, and culminate with 1 mile later in the school year.

Running board


Some of my favorite activities from the PFA Curriculum are $10 and a Bone, Beat the Ball Covey Style, The Food Pyramid Relay, and all of the cup activities. The PFA Cups have really enhanced my indoor curriculum! I have been able to make up several variations of the lessons in order to make them work in a variety of situations. It is amazing how hard students will work in order to get more cups for their builds.

The Project Fit America program goes beyond Physical Education class. Several teachers take their students to the PFA box for additional PE time. This allows the students extra time to develop their physical fitness. I supervise the PFA Box at recess times and also allow students to test for Station Stars at recess as well.

Horizontal LadderSPONSOR
I have enjoyed a working relationship with our sponsor, Sutter Health Roseville. I have been able to personally thank them and show them how much our students are benefiting from Project Fit America at several of their board meetings. I was also privileged to be able to have Sutter Health come and video the PFA program in action at my schools. This video was used as a part of their annual review. It has been a pleasure working so closely with our donor. Thank you Sutter Health!

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How PFA has Influenced My Program

Project Fit America has been an amazing asset and has helped me become a better teacher. I love the PFA program because it supports my teaching philosophy, and it gives me more tools to use. The fitness curriculum is stimulating, creative, and fun, and I use it to guide my lesson planning for the year. It has inspired me to constantly think of new ways that I can motivate my students to work hard and to always do their personal best.

I use many of PFA’s key concepts and display them on the wall to use as teaching points during my classes. My two favorite catch phrases from PFA are TCC and Multiple Directions. TCC has become the cornerstone of my daily lessons. Together, my students and I discover that class is twice as fun and rewarding when we use Teamwork, Cooperation, and Communication. We discuss how important it is to use these skills in our daily lives. Multiple Directions is another term that I use on a daily basis because I have found that my students follow Staton Star Levelsdirections much better when I use it.

Sport HoopsBefore PFA, I didn't put much up on the walls. Now I can’t get enough room to display student achievements and motivational posters! It has increased my communication with parents and teachers tremendously. The parents are interested in what these challenges are, and the students are excited to share their accomplishments with their parents and teachers. Overall, PFA has created a buzz of excitement and a greater understanding of the importance of physical fitness on our campus and in our community.

PFA Wall Strong Muscles

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