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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Cheryl Gladwill

Cheryl Gladwill

Woodbridge Elementary School
Roseville, California

When we met Cheryl her foot was in a cast but boy oh boy was her PE program hopping right along. She is a grant recipient of Project Fit America since the fall of 2006. She is a consummate ambassador for physical education and leading healthy lifestyles. She is loved by her students and their families alike and everyone looks up to her for inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Her principal writes to us “ Mrs. Gladwill inspires not only the children, but with everyone she comes in contact with, as she shares her success stories. Her excitement and dedication embody everything any principal could ask for in a teacher. Her commitment to her students is extraordinary!” Cheryl’s foot cast is long gone, but her PE program continues to be one of the best, keeping able company with her fellow Project Fit America All Star Teachers!

Cheryl Gladwill's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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