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2003 PFA All Star Teacher

Kathy Tronvig


Kathy Tronvig

Roosevelt Elementary School
San Leandro, California

Kathy Tronvig has been teaching physical education for 26 years and has spent the past seven years at Roosevelt Elementary School. She received a PFA grant in 2006 and has gone on to develop programming unique to her students and school. Her principal writes to us "Kathy Tronvig is a fabulous teacher who has the determination to bring excellence to her specialist program. Her spirit and love for teaching is evident in her work and in the eyes of her students who truly enjoy her class." We could not agree more. She has found a way to reach each and every one of her students, to excite them to be physically active and then set her sights to fellow faculty members and parents to join her in the mission to motivate kids throughout their lives to continue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Kathy is a role model and a perfect example of what is an All Star Teacher!


Kathy Tronvig's Teaching Philosophy, Program and Activities, and Future Plans


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All Star Update

2010 Update

Kathy Tronvig, All Star Teacher 2007

This summer, I have been traveling around Lake Tahoe, Kings Canyon National Park, Jediah Smith State Park and catching up on my reading.

As I look back at my 27 years of teaching physical education, I have loved every moment of teaching. I incorporate the state content standards, and Project Fit curriculum in my teaching. My students’ look forward in going to Project Fit America. One of their favorite games is PFA Bunco.

I have two 4th graders that developed new skills on the pole climb, the horizontal climb. and the upside down cling and hold.


Kathy Tronvig

Kathy Tronvig