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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Sara Kenny

Sara Kenney

Claxton Elementary School
Greensboro, North Carolina

Sara Kenney is a second year teacher and teaches at Claxton Elementary School in Greensboro, NC. She came out of High Point University with her Masters in hand and a deep driving commitment to change children's lives.  When she came to Claxton she knew there were many students with special needs and varying disabilities. She contacted the former P. E. Teacher to learn all she could from her about the students and then went on to incorporate that information into her school plan. Her principal writes to us "She is a well-rounded person and wise beyond her years.  A strong commitment to teaching and genuine love for children is observed and noted by all that know her. She is a great example for everyone." Her principal goes on to share that Sara is participates in everything and brings her special brand of enthusiasm and spirit to the school. PFA knows Sara may be new to teaching, but we also see her as a natural born leader who deserves the spotlight and will remain a "teacher to watch" for many years to come.



Sara Kenney's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy


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