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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
David Grassi

David Grassi

La Senita Elementary School
Kingman, Arizona

David is in his third year of using the PFA program. If you were to walk into his school don’t be surprised to see this P. E. Teacher rollerblading with his kids. Stop by on a Thursday and you will find him running an Athletic Club for his kids. In short David does whatever it takes to buff up the minutes per week his kids are active and uses every opportunity to get his kids moving. He is a "ace motivator" and his dedication to keeping his students excited and challenged. His core belief he brings to his students is that physical education is not just sports. It is teaching fundamental movements that are part of everyday life.

Way to go, David. The work you are doing are giving these kids a leg up on life!



David Grassi's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy


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