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2003 PFA All Star Teacher

Tom Ebbole & Nicole Wagemann

Scott School, Melrose Park, Illinois

Tom and Nicole share teaching at Scott School and this year’s ‘Dynamic Duo’ for team teaching.  Their work is beyond any programming we have seen in a very long time!  Absolutely top notch and outstanding! Their principal writes to us, “Tom and Nicole are two of the most dedicated gym teachers she as ever known.” They are involved with the kids, parents, PTA, lunchroom supervisors, Walk Across Illinois, 5th Grade Outdoor Education, the district swim team, basketball, volleyball, and run stellar PFA fitness programming!  It will make your head spin to see the successful variety of programs, events and activities these two have created. These two truly use a “ hear, read it, see it, do it” approach to reaching their students and they do not miss a thing. This kind of teaching comes from the heart and soul. We believe these two are very deserving of this national spotlight and All Star Teacher Award.

Nicole Wagemann


Tom and Nicole's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy

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