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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Kathy Crawford

Kathy Crawford

Helena Elementary School
Helena, Missouri

Kathy Crawford has been teaching elementary physical education for 16 years.
She was awarded the PFA program in 2005 and from Day One we knew we had something special going on. When we came back to visit her school during the second year of staff development, the PFA trainer wrote to us, “She is a drop dead on All Star Teacher."

We were so impressed, and not just with the programming she has created, but with the connection she has to her students and community far exceeding their time in the class with her. She is a timeless teacher who just keeps getting better and better and has everything it takes to be a role model for the physical education profession. She has every right to be extremely proud of her work. We cannot help but beam with pride ourselves as we showcase this talented, gifted teacher!

Kathy Crawford's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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All Star Update

2010 Update

Kathy Crawford, All Star Teacher 2007

Life has changed dramatically for me since I was named an All-Star PFA instructor in 2007. Since that time I began a new job with Project Fit as a regional trainer, became a two time grand mother, and retired from my job with the Savannah R-III schools. While not quite old enough to retire, it was a good decision for me and my growing family. Here are a few of the things I’ve got going on in my life right now.

I have trained and ran in 3 half marathons and a full marathon. My husband, Kelly, son, Tyler, daughter, Jessi, and daughter in law, Amy, have all ran in marathons, making it a family activity. Lessons learned from persistence in Project Fit America gave me the confidence and tenacity to go those 26.2 miles. I plan to do another next winter in AZ.

An incident at my school prompted me to get involved with the volunteer CASA program in Buchanan County. A CASA is a court appointed special advocate for children in foster care. It is my job to be a voice for the children and report to the judge on how the child or children are doing in foster care and make suggestions and recommendations for the good of the children. Not teaching this year has given me the time to be more involved with this important program.

Travel has also been a focus for me and my husband. We recently traveled to Alaska on an adventure vacation where we kayaked, hiked, whitewater rafted, and mountain biked! This year to celebrate 30 years of marriage we are planning a trip to hike on the AP trail.

My pride and joy is watching my son grow into the profession of physical education. He has been a physical education teacher in Fulton MO for the last 4 years. I have had the opportunity to watch and teach with him a few times, and while I hate to say it; I think he is better than me. No, I know he is, and it makes me extremely proud.
Not teaching this year has been a hard experience for me, as I loved my students and my influence in their active lives. I miss school life and the challenges of education. I live in the same small community and keep track of them through local news and word of mouth.

Being a grandmother has brought a new joy to my life I didn’t know was possible. I have two beautiful grand boys that melt my heart. Kaler is 19 months old and Cade is 9 months. Nana is always ready and willing to help out whenever she is needed.

Working as a trainer and traveling with PFA has been a dream come true. When I received news that our little school had received the PFA grant, I made it my goal to become an All-Star. It was a long and busy road, and I was proud to accept the distinction. However, words can’t describe how I felt to be asked to join the PFA team. These teachers happen to be the best in the nation (I know I’ve seen them in action), and I had been asked to join them! I couldn’t believe it; I might as well have died and gone to heaven. The first time I met with them I felt like I had returned to the mother ship where there were people who shared my enthusiasm and love for physical education and understood “my language”. What I have learned during the last two years as a trainer is that all kids are the same wherever I go, from the smallest school to the largest, kids love physical education and are hungry for quality time in physical education, and I love to provide teachers with tools to help their students.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I have plans to continue to accomplish great things. I would love to hear from any of my in-service schools or anyone else that loves to teach!

God Bless and Get Busy, Kathy