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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Mike Bareis

Mike Bareis

Pierce Lake School
Chelsea Michigan

Mike Bareis has been in public education for 22 years and teaches in the Chelsea School District and received a PFA grant in 2005.  Mike is extremely creative and passionate for physical education. He has a great rapport with his students, fellow staff members and parents.   He even made a DVD for all his students to have to work out at home!  He is always willing to learn new ideas to continue his professional journey to create better and better programs for his kids.  Each and every day he wears a shirt with a positive slogan on the importance of health and models that behavior for all his students past and present.  He is also in his second year of working in partnership with the area hospital, Chelsea Community Hospital to implement Move Forward! a program for kids and families to create healthy choices and lifestyles.  His principal writes to us that Mike Bareis’ positive attitude, concern for life-long wellness habits, and cooperation with all aspects of the school family signify his qualifications as a worthy recipient and exemplary model as an “All Star Teacher." We are honored to play a part in Mike's work and proud PFA has found a home in his schools.


Mike Bareis' Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy

Read the article honoring Mike written by Staff Writer Edward Freundl in the Chelsea Standard Newspaper


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