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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Rita Aspen

Rita Aspen

Spotswood Elementary
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Rita has been teaching at Spotswood Elementary School 11 years and received a PFA grant in 2005. She has such a great relationship with her staff, students and community!  Rita is doing wonderful things with her students.  She is an extremely positive influence and uses very creative lesson plans and motivational tools to keep her students engaged.  Her principal writes to us, "She encourages participation in activities not just in her class, but in all physical activities in which students are excepted to participate throughout the week.  She will even provide appropriate tennis shoes to students who may not be able to afford their own so they can partake in activities." Rita is not a "visitor" in her student's lives...she is a participant that is changing kids lives, enriching their overall school experience and fostering a life-long love for fitness, well being, and activity.  She is utilizing PFA to its fullest potential. This embodies exactly the spirit of what it means to be an All Star Teacher!

Rita Aspen's Program, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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