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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Gary Martin

Gary Martin

Rankin Elementary School
Greensboro, North Carolina
Currently teaching at:
McLeansville Elementary School
McLeansville, North Carolina

"Come on In and see the exciting things happening in PE!" That is the sign posted when you walk into Gary's gym . . .and exciting it is!   Look around and you will see his "Caught Being Good" behavior wall charts where he reminds his students how important their behavior is to follow directions, give 100% effort, to respect others and have fun!  His "Word Wall" allows him to work with fellow classroom teachers to reinforce learning of words they might use in the classroom.   He has another wall chart with "Words of Encouragement" which he finds the most useful of tools to teach his students how to use positive statements instead of negative.  Step outside onto the school playground and his classes come alive with students ready to play to get fit because they know every activity Gary brings them will be fun, exciting and physically rewarding challenge.  His kids can't wait to get to his class! He reminds them through his banners and postings . . .You have what it takes!"  His kids are having a blast and getting the workout of their lives, red faced and sweating . . . but if you ask them . . . they'll tell you "We're having fun!"  But Gary knows that fun is translating into a love of fitness those kids will carry with them for their whole life.  
His principal, fellow teachers and students flooded us with letters.  Telling us how he teaches across the curriculum and students tell of their excitement to get to P. E.   They shared us that no matter what the school function, Gary is there with his smiling heart, bubbly personality and a "can do" attitude taking interest in all the things the kids do, in and out of PE.   
We say . . . make no mistake about it . . . he is a MAJOR role model for his students, faculty and community . . . he is in this for long haul and he is and will continue to make a real difference in lives of the children he teaches.  Gary is the kind of teacher children will remember when they are older.  He will be "the one" that stands out in their life and in their memories.  When Gary is your student's teacher, they will love learning and in this case because he chose to teach physical education . . . they will become a one heck of a fit kid as a result!  Gary is an All-Star Teacher and an All-Star Person we are so proud to have on our team!

Gary Martin's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy


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All Star Update

2010 Update

Gary Martin: All-Star Teacher 2005

Where I Am Now...

Since I became a Project Fit America Regional Trainer in 2006, many things have happened! The most exciting thing happening since becoming a trainer would be turning "30"! My wife is an awesome woman in more ways than one!! Specifically, I would like to recognize her because of her preparation and planning of my 30th Birthday Party! She'll never know how much it meant to me!! After playing golf all day with some buddies, we came back to my neighborhood community center where one of my buddies needed to purchase some Pampered Chef items for his wife (at least that was the story). Upon entering the community center, I was surrounded by many people who drove near and far to wish me a happy 30th birthday surprise!! The theme was the 1980's (it was AWESOME)!!! After hugging and greeting everyone, it was time for me to change! My best friend was in charge of my attire for the evening! My attire consisted of: Yellow football shirt exposing my stomach, cut-off jean shorts (if you still wear these I'm sorry), black glasses, and black/white Chuck Taylor's!! We partied like rock stars all night long! The third most exciting thing in my life since becoming a trainer is having the freedom to go fishing. We live in such a wonderful country. Because it is so wonderful, I can spend my summer experimenting all types of fishing! Thank you to the soldiers fighting for my freedom everyday... I can never thank you enough! One fishing trip I remember very well would be this year! I have attended the annual Chowan River Fishing Trip (river in NC) with my father-in-law for the past 4 years. This year I invited a good friend of mine, Steve Cox. If you don't know Steve, go to PFA's website and he's plastered all over the website because of his outstanding accomplishments as the Senior Regional Trainer for Project Fit America. We had an absolute blast fishing together! He is responsible for teaching me how to fly fish and become ever-growing regional trainer. One memory I will never forget because of Steve Cox (there are many more, believe me): Finishing a great day of teaching PE and arriving at home to see a Fed Ex package. It's wrapped with about 4 rolls of packaging tape and after about 2 hours of trying to get into the package, I succeeded!! One of the most heartfelt gifts I've ever received: my very own custom-made fly fishing rod! Thanks Steve!

My professional life after becoming a regional trainer has been awesome! I have been a regional trainer for 4 years. During this time, I have coordinated and lead numerous teacher in-services and conferences around the country! It has been a very exciting ride. The opportunity to travel, meet other Physical educators, and enhance their programs through Project Fit America programming has given me tremendous joy and hope that we can truly beat obesity!! Although I have a chance to give so much to others through PFA, it has given me much more in return! I am more confident when I teach my students at McLeansville Elementary School (McLeansville, NC). I have more ideas (received from PE teachers around the nation) I can share with my students about physical education and living a healthier life. Leading conferences/teacher in-services has also given me more confidence. When you can lead a conference when 100 or more are in attendance, you can do anything!

The programming section (one of the most important elements of PFA) of PFA encompasses my Physical Education program! I have immersed my students into Station Stars, Kong Level, National records. During the past 4 years, my students have participated in these programs and what a difference I have seen in their self-esteem and fitness levels! Two of my students are National Project Fit America Record Holders in Jump Rope and PACER Challenge (48 feet)! My students are challenged and encouraged to do their personal best through when participating in these programs. Other programs I lead include: Jump Rope team (once a week in the afternoon), PACER Club (2X/month in the mornings), Elks Lodge Hoop Shoot Contest, Jump Rope for Heart, Walkathons (raised $15,000 this year), and Field Day. Giving students an opportunity to work towards a goal is so rewarding for them in so many ways!

August 2010 will be my first year at a new school. I will be the Physical Education teacher at McLeansville Elementary (McLeansville, NC) and I am very excited! I will continue my programs at this school as well as phase in some new programs. One new program I would like to add to my list would be some type of fishing trip. 3 years ago, I assisted a colleague with a grant through "Future Fishermans of America". After our proposal was accepted, we were able to purchase over $3500.00 worth of fishing equipment! I would like to use this fishing equipment to go fishing as a reward for students who do well in the classroom mentally, physically, and emotionally (attitude).

I would like to extend my thanks to Project Fit America for allowing me to provide other Physical educators with the tools and ideas necessary for encouraging our students live a healthy and fit life. You have given me so much the last 4 years (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially)...I will always be indebted to you. Love you!