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Angela Carmon

Angela Carmon's

Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum, and Teaching Philosophy


Teaching Philosophy
Angela Carmon's Activity Lessons, Rubrics & Brochures - pdf

Angela Carmon's Teaching Philosophy

I have been teaching Physical Education for eight years. For six of those years, I have been teaching at Beecher Hills Elementary. I am heartfelt and passionate about empowering the students with the knowledge to live a healthy active lifestyle. My physical education teaching philosophy is fundamentally based. I believe in teaching students basic fitness along with cooperative games and activities geared to enhancing the curriculum standards. Moreover, I strive to create an environment that is warm, inviting, and challenging mentally, as well as, physically. The ultimate goal is for the students to develop healthy physical fitness habits that will last a lifetime.

Stacking with CoachI am very grateful for the Project Fit America Fitness Curriculum and Fitness Program! I feel that my students, and myself have benefited in many ways. First, not only does Project Fit America provide the outdoor equipment for the students, but they also provide a detailed curriculum, and an "in-house" seminar with Steve Cox on two separate occasions. The two-day seminars opened my eyes to many different fitness choices and opportunities for my students. Additionally, the Fitness Cups that were donated give a new flair and excitement to my program. Beecher Hills bought another 15000 Fitness Cups for my students, and I received 3000 very sturdy coffee cups from ESPN that I have incorporated into the Fitness Cup activities.

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Speed Stacking

Recently, I heard of Speed Cup Stacking and I did a little research. How interesting! I created a lesson with the Fitness Cups where the students learned the basic routine for the Speed Cup Stacking. Most of my students were already familiar with the sport. Where have I been?  On the Speed Cup Stacking website, I saw that the company gave monthly grants to schools that they felt were going to use the Speed Cups effectively. I filled out the application, and just found out that Beecher Hills is getting a class set of thirty! I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Speed Cup Stacking is a great activity when space is limited.

I love the fact that I am able to apply the concepts and activities from Project Fit America to best fit the needs of my students. I use the challenge boards for incentives with my students for the Pacer (much loved by the students), sit-ups, jump rope, horizontal bars, pole climb, and vault. The students start with a challenge at the bronze level, to the silver level, and on to the gold (each level receives a certificate). Also, parental support improved dramatically when I began incorporating the PFA program. Now, parents help with challenge boards and a jogging club for the students. Certificates are awarded at the emerald, ruby, and diamond levels.

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Yellow Brick LeaderYellow Brick LeaderNot only are parents supportive and enthusiastic, but the faculty, and administration are helpful and engaged. With the support of our Principal, Dr. Robin Hall, our ILS, Bernadette Graham, our secretary, Ms. Grier, our Media Specialist, Ms. Bankston, our custodian Ms. Purdue, along with every faculty member, Beecher Hills Elementary is creating a Fitness Program that exceeds the physical education class room setting. I am very, very lucky to work with professionals that are committed to the health and wellness of our students.

The concept of a "Yellow Brick Leader" has improved the cooperation and team spirit of my students. To reinforce the Yellow Brick Leaders, I sporadically give out "YBL Free PE Pass." The pass enables the students to attend another PE class of any grade level during the next week. The students understand, that the YBL Free PE Passes are not given out every class, nor should one wait to exhibit YBL characteristics just to get a pass.

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Catalog ActivityWith the help of my students, I created a game, appropriately called, "Let the games begin." The students decide on teams of three to five students. All of the students line up for the Pacer. The class goes to level 5 on the Pacer.  After the Pacer, one of the three songs in started. The team then goes to their designated area for cup building. Each team member gets five cups, and begins building, after building, the students have a list of activities, start with the first fitness activity. The team must count together during the activity. They then go back to get five more cups each, and continue the cycle. At the end of the third song, the students must cease building. The students are accessed with a rubric (see PDF). They have a week to practice with their team before the culminating event, so they know how long the songs last, and how long they have to build. Rules and procedures.

My students also helped develop a rubric for scoring team created jump rope routines. Again, the students have class time to work together to create a quality routine. This year, the teams with a perfect score will be videoed, and the video will be downloadable on Ms. Carmon's website.

My view on the accomplishments of my students with the Project Fit America Program is heartfelt and grateful! My students are flourishing with the incentives, and challenges that are being offered for them. I am enjoyed a renew vigor in my teaching and facilitating of my physical education program. Project Fit America has been key in creating a more purposeful and driven Physical Education Program.

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