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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Angela Carmon

Angela Carmon

Beecher Hills School
Atlanta, Georgia

Angela has been teaching Physical Education at Beecher Hills Elementary Schools for eight years and became a PFA grant recipient in 2005.   She works with a diverse group of students and teachers and finds infinite ways to motivate everyone.  Her PE program is the pride of the school and a place where every student knows they will find something they can excel at doing and a new challenge to keep them moving forward.   Her kids are "hooked" on the games and activities that keep them excited to be active.  She has won over the support of parents, faculty and administration. 

She is quick to let us know she is part of a wonderful team at Beecher Hills that is working together from the custodian to the Principal and everyone in between.  At the core of the school enthusiasm you will find a humble and dynamic PE Teacher.  We could not be more proud to put a spotlight on her program and professional drive and dedication!

Angela Carmon's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy


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