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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Brad White

Brad White

Physical Education Specialist
Madison Elementary School
McLeansville, NC

Humility and passion is a potent combination that represents Brad White of Madison Elementary School-McLeansville, NC. A Project Fit America grant recipient in 2003. He sees his students once a week for 40 minutes, yet despite this time limitation, he carries the determination and commitment to find a way to reach each and every student over the course of a school year . . . a goal which he succeeds with in a way that makes us proud. His principal, Ms. Judy Robbins, writes to us "Brad frequently requests that students do fitness activities at home to increase student ownership of becoming physically fit and setting fitness goals. Brad has started a Mileage Club and has a school wide recognition display to honor students who are achieving set goals. To date K-5 students have recorded 3,300 walked miles." No fair guessing that when Brad asked his students to take up fitness on their own, outside his class . . . they listened and responded.

Brad is quick to recognize the help of the teachers, parents and administrators keeps the programs he creates running when he is not there. We recognize that if he did not have that something special to "hook" the students to make them want to be part of these programs, the may not succeed. He is the key to the fitness equation and helps his students unlock the door to reach for their personal best. What he does in those 40 minutes each week for his students will last them a lifetime. His kids know what it means to be fit and that with his guidance they will follow Coach White's lead as he always leads with enthusiasm and commitment!

Brad White 's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy


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