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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Steve Necessary

Steve Necessary

Reading Hilltop Elementary School
Reading, Ohio

Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Don't tell that to Steve Necessary. He has been teaching Elementary Physical Education for 29 years. We found him as our grant recipient at Reading Hilltop Elementary School, Reading Ohio, in 2004. Once he completed our in-service and learned new and exciting ways to challenge, excite and promote physical education, he created a school environment of vibrate fitness focus.

He was already running outstanding programming, and he took his programming to another level. His principal, Tim Ackerman tells us "He has a renewed thirst for youth fitness. He is very conscious of the problem of childhood obesity and has responded through two new programs in his class." Steve added more movement and challenges for his students more than he ever had before, and the students have responded. He gives them continuous opportunities to set goals, meet, them and then exceed them. Steve's student's know what it means to be fit and they trust Steve to give them the continuous support to reach for their personal best. Steve doesn't miss the chance to use the school newsletter that goes to home to parents to share the student's success and has successfully enlisted his fellow classroom teachers to join him in helping to run challenges activities for the students. When we returned to Reading Hilltop School in the spring of 2005 we saw a very different campus. One where everyone from the principal, the teachers and parents, followed Steve's lead and worked together to bring fun and challenging physical fitness into the spotlight for the students of Reading Hilltop School. Way to go Steve! Is Steve an All Star Teacher? You bet. . . and then some!

Steve Necessary's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy

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