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2003 PFA All Star Teacher

Arlean Christman

Leaksville Spray Elementary School
Eden, North Carolina

Nineteen Eighty Five was a landmark year for the Physical Education profession. That is the year Arlean Christman renewed her certificate to return to teaching after raising a family. Imagine a teacher who is full of bubbles, smiles and hugs. Who likes to dress up in costumes for all occasions and is first to greet parents and students to school in the morning and you have imagined Arlean! Go into her classes and you will see a dedication to make sure she reaches each and every student. Giving each one the drive, determination and desire to do their very best. Her principal Angela Martin writes to us "Arlean's commitment to education is extraordinary. She is one of those teachers that inspire children to love school. On a day-to-day basis, Arlean provides children with new opportunities to challenge their bodies and make positive lifestyle choices."

Arlean uses every aspect of her imagination to create avenues to motivate her students. When you walk into her school you find it alive with evidence of all kinds of physical activity. Games, clubs, PE musical chants, hall way promotions, you name it! Even the teachers have come on board and run activities with the students! Her kids know how to use physical activity to reduce stress and she takes serious the charge of teaching character building in her students. The students of Leaksville-Spray are taught true life skills that will never be found in video games, play stations and other sedentary activities. They know, because of Arlean, that each and every day, they are excepted to give their best, and they do so with enthusiasm because she leads by example and gives her heart, body and soul to those kids. Rain or shine, you can count on Arlean for love, support, encouragement and a crazy costume to remind us all to smile and make the most of today!

Arlean Christman's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy

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