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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Sylvia Asnip

Sylvia Asnip

Bethany Elementary School and
Draper Elementary School
Eden, North Carolina

Passion, commitment and a never ending drive to teach her students, fellow teachers and parents, brings Sylvia Asnip of Draper and Bethany Elementary Schools-Eden, North Carolina to the head of the class as an All Star Teacher. Sylvia brings her own brand of optimism and an "can do" spirit that is a powerful combination to her profession. She takes to heart the importance of being role model of nutrition and fitness lifestyles and never misses a chance to encourage her students, fellow teachers and families. Every square inch of the school from the playing field, to the classroom, to letters and fitness prescriptions to families is only the beginning of her contagious brand of physical education. In two short years she has revamped both schools and pulled in the support of businesses, community, teachers and parents alike. With Sylvia at the helm, everyone is involved in fitness education and everyone is taking up her call to " Move to Improve!"

Her principal, Tammy Heath, writes to us, "Our teachers have become more aware of the use of Project Fit America equipment as well. Many days I see our regular education teachers outside with the students working on our equipment. It is so nice to see our teachers working together with Mrs. Asnip." One of her fellow teachers, Laura Ennis, also wrote us" Students who once abhorred coming to PE class now walk into the gym with looks of great anticipation in their eyes and leave with smiles on their faces." Sylvia gives of her personal time to draw in the community and local businesses and has shown the students and faculty of Draper and Bethany Schools that indeed it is true...If you build it..they will come. We saw what Sylvia has created and we couldn't wait to put on spotlight on this outstanding teacher!

Sylvia Asnip's Lesson Plans, Activities, Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy

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