Ron Nichols' Lesson Plans, Philosophy and Tips

Ron Nichols





Ron’s Lesson Plans:

PACER RUN/STEP – UPS. This Ron’s PFA style Pacer.
We do the pacer run once a week for about 8 weeks during the winter months. When a student drops out of the run rather than sitting out and watching until everyone is finished they go to the side of the gym and do step-ups. The amount of step-ups is on a sliding scale depending on how long they remained in the pacer run.

EXAMPLE: 5 minute pacer run:

Drop out after: # of Step-ups
1 minute 40
2 minutes 35
3 minutes 30
4 minutes 25

When we have covered all the basic fundamentals of basketball we set up a relay to cover those skills learned with PFA exercises mixed in.

Number per Team--4-5
Equipment needed:1 ball per person if possible; Step-up boxes, Cones

Game play-Ready Flow

  • Begin with 10 sit-ups
  • Pick up a ball and do 10 speed dribbles with each hand
  • 10 step-ups
  • Pick up other ball and dribble weave through the cones
  • Dribble to basket and shoot at one of the predetermined spots
  • If shot is made do 5 pushups, if missed do 10 pushups
  • Return to start line

Variations: passes to partner before starting or off the wall. Begin by dribbling against a defender before the sit-ups.

The Project Fit America program has been a great boost to our curriculum at Hiawatha Elementary School. The program has allowed me to enhance my five-point philosophy of Physical Education and building a healthy lifestyle:

  • To expose students to a wide variety of activities
  • To have a movement based K-2 foundation
  • To create lifelong learners
  • To promote the concept of fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • To intertwine fitness activities in all areas
Nichols Class


I would like to offer the following tips and hints:

  • Be Flexible
  • Be Adaptable
  • Be Willing to Change
  • Be a Team Player
  • Be Patient

Some other thoughts that may help others:

  • Integrate fitness activities into games and activities that you already do, (i.e. when caught in a tag game do certain stations or exercises to return).
  • Be part of your professional organization and network with your colleagues. They are your greatest resources.
  • Adapt and conceive equipment for indoor use. Very important in the Midwest due to seasonal weather (i.e. empty tin cans and boxes from the food service for step up boxes).
  • If it isn't working don't throw it away, see if you can tweak it first.

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